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At conferences, people frequently ask us about resources. The following links are from quality ministries.  We highly recommend each one.

Christian Friends of Israel

Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem (CFI) is an international evangelical Christian ministry legally registered in Israel with headquarters in Jerusalem where we operate multiple outreaches and administrate the ministry. We also have representative offices throughout the world. CFI represents Christians worldwide who love Israel, and desire to express friendship and a united stand with Israel based on the Bible. Our main objectives are to take the love of Jesus back to the people who brought it to us. We do this through outreach projects in Israel. We also teach the Church about its Hebrew heritage and Biblical responsibility to the Jewish people through monthly and quarterly literature and resources as well as conferences in Jerusalem as well as abroad.

Ezekiel 33 Graphics

If you love the Lord & Israel, and like to tell others about it, this website is for you.  This guy has some awesome graphics that you've got to see.  His testimony is a good read, and he's got t-shirts and other products if you're interested.  Check it out.

Greetings From Jerusalem

Greetings From Jerusalem in Fort Mill, SC, offers many new Messianic and Judaica gifts, a wide assortment of books, praise and worship music, videos, jewelry and other study materials. When you purchase "Blue & White," you are not only offering high quality items such as gifts for your family and friends, but you are investing in the Israeli economy. This is a tangible way to show support and solidarity with our people in Israel.  GFJ is part of Vision For Israel Ministries and is located at the Heritage International Ministries facility.

 Hebrew Song Search

This is a great site if you're looking for the lyrics to your favorite Hebrew song.  The site contains the Hebrew transliteration of over 3500 songs, plus many of them also include the English translation.  Click on the "Songs A - Z" link at the top of the page to get started.

Highway to Zion

Highway to Zion Ministries was formed as a place of expression for His people who are hearing the call to worship the God of Israel together, to teach both Jew and Gentile of God's Word concerning Hebraic roots of their faith, to actively participate in supporting Messianic Jewish believers in Israel with finances and practical service, and to release believers into their understanding of prophetic destiny being tied to Israel.  Highway to Zion leads a Ministry Immersion Tour as well as a tour to attend the Feast of Sukkot in Jerusalem.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

The ICEJ ministers to the Jewish community in Israel.  They also sponsor a yearly Feast of Tabernacles celebration in the Autumn of each year.  If you plan to be in Israel during this time of the year, this is one you'll not want to miss.

International Christian Zionist Center

International Christian Zionist Center

Jan Willem van der Hoeven is the founder of different ministries in Israel and Holland. He was born in The Netherlands where his father was private secretary to Queen Juliana. He studied in London where he obtained his Bachelor of Divinity Degree from the London University.  Jan Willem has lived in the Middle East for more than 40 years, and currently resides in Jerusalem together with his family. Both his children have served in the Israeli Army. Initially he traveled widely through the Arab world, and later became the Custodian of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem (1968 - 1975), where he spoke to thousands upon thousands of people at the site of the Empty Tomb.  He is the founder of The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem(ICEJ) in Israel, and is today director of The International Christian Zionist Center(ICZC), which has been established to stimulate and activate world wide Christian interest in, and support for, the State and people of Israel. Jan Willem also initiated the 'International Christian Zionist Congress', the 'Mordechai Outcry' for the homecoming of the Soviet Jews to Israel, and, with others, the annual celebration of the 'Feast of Tabernacles', which is held in Jerusalem. He has personally met and known the last five Prime Minister's of Israel, and is acquainted with many leaders, Knesset members and influential institutions in the land. 

Jewish Jewels

Jewish Jewels is the ministry of Neal & Jamie Lash in Florida.  They have a national TV series by the same name.  This is a wonderful resource for teaching and music tapes, dance videos with instructions, books & Bibles, jewelry, menorahs, shofarim, tallitot, calendars, etc.

Jewish Jukebox

Chabad offer numerous traditional as well as new Jewish songs (not just clips), many with the Hebrew words and English translation - including songs for Shabbat, the Holidays, Chassidic Classics and Chabad Melodies. 

Avraham Fried is especially good.  I love his song "Ashreinu" -

Jewish TV Network

Israel Daily News From the IBA
IBA News is the leading English language news program produced in Israel.

Jewish Voice Ministries

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis is an American Messianic rabbi, evangelist, and television personality who hosts a weekly television program called Jewish Voice Today which is aired on Christian television throughout the United States and worldwide.


Love For His People

Many of you know and recognize "this" Steve Martin, not from his comedic movies, but from his years of service as the US Administrative Director for Vision For Israel, Director of Finances & Operations with Derek Prince Ministries,  as well as Administrator for All Nations Church & Mahesh Chavda Ministries.  Steve's service in ministry has given him connections to ministries around the world. The main arm of this new ministry, "Love For His People",  will be as a humanitarian aid outreach, established to enable individuals, families, churches, congregations and businesses, from the USA and other countries, to “adopt” a Messianic Believer and/or family in Israel, in order to aid in financial support, intercede in regular prayer, and to encourage with any means available. When possible, a trip with Love For His People to Israel to visit them would also be encouraged.  An online store will be put in place in order to support Messianic Believers in The Land, by purchasing Israeli-crafted gifts, food and services from them. Valuable teaching books and media from additional sources will be available to assist individuals and institutions in training, instruction and personal encouragement.  "Ahava Adventures", business and church sponsored journeys to Israel, Africa and elsewhere, will be provided for young people, in their twenties and thirties, to meet and share their gifts with the youth and others  we have connections with in these locations.  As the ministry begins in 2010, it's a great time to get on board and to show your "Love For His People".

Messianic Music.Com

This is the best site I've found for locating Messianic music.  You can listen to samples from each CD before you order.  I've discovered many new artists here, whose music has been an asset to my own dance ministry.  If you're looking for Messianic music and don't know where to start, let me recommend the following:  Paul Wilbur, Barry & Batya Segal, Billy Whitman, Jonathan Settel, Steve McConnell, Karen Davis, Avner & Rachel Boskey, Ted Pearce and Joel Chernoff.

Moedim (Appointments)

This site provides the dates for the festival/feast days.

Vision For Israel

Vision For Israel is a humanitarian aid ministry founded in Israel by Messianic singers, Barry & Batya Segal.  Barry and Batya met while working for Derek Prince ministries and after their marriage, began to minister in the land of Israel and around the world. Other aspects of the ministry include The Joseph Storehouse, Roots & Reflections a weekly TV series from Israel, the Greetings From Jerusalem gift shop at , the Jerusalem News Network  and their yearly fall Sukkot Celebration and tour in Israel at .

Weekly Torah Portion is a Jewish organization that provides the weekly Torah portions as well as other teachings. Aish also has wonderful teachings on the festivals, a great calendar, and a newsletter you can receive via email.

Zion Center for Worship & the Arts

Teresa Gardner is the Director of this wonderful dance ministry that offers a week-long Dance Conference in July, as well as a mini-dance camp in January each year.  Located in Charlotte, NC,  this ministry provides many types of dance (Israeli, ballet, interpretive, modern, jazz, worship) and worship opportunities for the beginning to the advanced dancer. 

Zola Levitt Ministries

Zola Levitt was one of the first Jewish Believers to share his faith in Yeshua through his Jewish Roots through his weekly TV Series "Zola Levitt Presents".  After Zola's death, Dr. Jeffrey Seiff was asked to continue the work Zola had started in front of the camera.  They have excellent teaching, frequently filmed in the land of Israel.

Yiddish & Jewish Songs Resource

The Yiddish language is a Jewish language developed by the Ashkenazi culture. Ashkenazi is an east European Jewish culture, and the Yiddish language is Germanic in origin, but uses Hebrew letters. Yiddish Music reflects a culture uniquely both Jewish and East European.  The page includes songs in the following areas: Cantorial, Hanukkah, Hassidic, Holocaust, Israeli, Love, Lullabies, Pesach, Purim, Simchat Torah, Wedding and Work.