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A New Year Begins


Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech Ha-Olam,
    Shehecheyanu, V’ki’y’ma-nu, v’hig-i-a-nu laz-man ha-zeh.

  Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe,
  Who has given us life, and has sustained us,
and has brought us to this season (another year).


Our first Shabbat meeting of 2008 was January 11th at Doug & Lynda's home


(Left) Susan lights Shabbat candles and says the blessing
(Right) Paul says the blessings over the bread & wine


A Night to Honor Israel - in Charlotte, NC


North Carolina's first "Night to Honor Israel" in conjunction with John Hagee Ministries and Christians United For Israel took place on Tuesday, February 19, 2008, at University City Church on Old Concord Rd. in Charlotte.  There were approximately 600 people in attendance at the meeting where John Hagee was the Keynote Speaker.  Twenty-seven from Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton and our Jewish Roots Home Group chose to be a part of this wonderful evening.  Here are some of their remarks.




If you weren't a supporter of Israel when you went, you certainly were one when you left. I have yet to hear anyone speak with such passion for Israel as John Hagee. It is certainly God-instilled in him and like Jeremiah, I am sure it is a "fire shut up in his bones." Oh, that we could have more in the church like him. I was also blessed by the Jewish guests that spoke. It was very interesting to hear their perspective, especially the fact that they are beginning to trust the love and support Christians have for them. It was very energizing and uplifting to be in a meeting with so many who love and support Israel.




It was wonderful to see so many like-minded people come together for the explicit purpose of showing their support for Israel and to bless the Jewish people.  As John Hagee spoke, I watched Rabbi Ezring and the other Jewish men on the platform.  You could see in their faces that they sensed the sincerity and love of all in attendance.  May we all learn to speak so eloquently concerning our love for Israel and do all that we can to show our belief that Israel should not have to divide Jerusalem or give up any land for peace.  We were reminded how Mordechai said to Esther, "If you sit back and do nothing, what makes you think the same thing will not happen to you?"




The three things that stuck with me were:

1.    The degree of organized anti-Semitic activity on college campuses. I got the impression that another generation of Hitler Youth could secretively be raised up. Likewise, the underling motivation for this was that the Jew saw himself as ethnically superior and for that reason were a danger to society that needed to be resisted.

2.    The Hagee discourse that “Israel is Alive” wherein he began with Abraham and ran thru the great events of history pointing our where the Lord has routinely snatched the Jew for the jaw of annihilation was extremely sobering and motivational. This is good for us “to know and to remember”

3.    The entire group of Jewish speaker’s made open references to the fact they could feel the “love” and could “see” the caring support for Israel and the Jew in the “eyes” of the audience.




It was the first time Chuck and I had been to a gathering  where there were so many people who shared a common love for something special and from so many walks of life. We feel very blessed to be a part of the ministry and plan that God chose for His people.




In our trip to Charlotte to hear John Hagee speak at “A Night to Honor Israel” I was struck again by the realization that it is sometimes a dangerous thing to stand on the side of truth.  The obvious presence of uniformed officers and the announcement that there were also plain-clothes officers in the crowd, along with Hagee’s admission that there have been many death threats on his life brought home to me the extreme importance of the state of Israel and the realization of the hate that still exists today for God’s chosen people simply because they are Jew.  The “Apple of His eye.”   We need to choose now where we will stand in our relation to Israel and know that to stand against the Jewish people is also to stand against God.

 All the speakers were very good and informative and as usual Hagee’s presentation was dynamic and to the point.  We supporters of Israel who pray for the peace of Jerusalem should also pray for the safety of those in the front line of the battle.



"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you."  Psalm 122:6


PURIM - The Feast of Esther


We gathered together on Friday, March 21st, for Erev Shabbat and also to celebrate the festival of Purim.  This year we chose to move our celebration to the Family Life Center of Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC.

The Festival of Purim is celebrated on Adar 14 & 15 (February/March).

God had "hidden" Esther in the palace of the Persian King, Ahashuerus, "for such a time" that she could speak up to the King and save her people for annihilation.   We still serve an awesome God - but we have to keep our ears tuned to His voice.


God keep Esther "hidden" until she was needed.  Even her own husband, the King, didn't know she was Jewish.  Purim is not the Jewish version of Halloween, but to remember Esther's "hidden Jewish identity", the feast of Purim is often celebrated by wearing costumes.  Purim is describes as one of the most joyous festivals.


(Left to Right) Duke & Myrl, Laura, Kirk, Doug & Lynda,
Curtis & Carolyn, Shoshana & Paul, Savanna & Ali


(Below) Duke & Myrl, Paul & Shoshana



After lighting Shabbat candles, saying the blessings over the bread & wine, and praying for the peace of Jerusalem/Israel, we entered into a time of praise & worship, including some Israeli Folk Dance.


The unsuspecting 2008 Purim play cast was chosen for a "spontaneous" reading of the story of Esther.

2008 Purim Play Cast

(Left to Right) Stacy (the King's Attendant), Andy (Mordechai), Jane (Queen Vashti),
Chuck (King Ahashuerus), Janice (Queen Esther), Allison (Zeresh, Wife of Haman),
Bill (Haman), and Melba (the King's Advisor)


King Ahashuerus choose Esther as his queen when Vashti was ousted for refusing to appear before him.  He was immediately attracted to her beauty, not realizing that she was Jewish.  The evil Haman, however, had quickly risen to power as Ahashuerus' Number 1 man - and Haman hated the Jews, especially Mordechai who refused to bow before him.


(Left) King Ahashuerus & Queen Esther
(Right) Zeresh & Haman



When Haman ordered the extermination of all the Jews living in Shushan, Esther went to the King - pleading for herself and her people. 


(Below) Esther pleads with King Ahashuerus on behalf of her people


(Below) Haman pleads for his life - but it's too late for him! 
In the end, Haman is hanged on the gallows he had built for Mordechai the Jew.


The Purim Bunch
Tune: The Brady Bunch
Lyrics: Curtis & Carolyn

It’s the story of a Feast called Purim
Comes in Adar, each and every year,
And the plans by Haman to kill the Jews,
They lived in so much fear.

It’s the story of a Jew named Esther,
Who decided to go before the King,
Even though she knew it could mean her life,
She had to do this thing.

Well the King heard what Esther was saying,
On the day that she invited him to lunch,
And this story is written in the Bible,
And the way they all became the Purim Bunch.

The Purim Bunch,
The Purim Bunch,
God delivered them all at Esther’s lunch.


 (Below) Curtis leads the group in some of the great Purim songs.




Our God is an awesome God - He reigns!


Israeli Folk Dance Class - March


During the month of March, we started working on the dance "Mi Ha'Ish" (Behold the Man).  It's a wonderful dance with brush steps, kicks and turns - fun to dance and great to watch.


Mi Ha'Ish

Introducing the basic steps of the dance...


Walking Counter-Clockwise, Step Forward (Right, Left, Right), Step back (Left, Right),
Forward (Left), Sway/Balance (Right Left)


Right crosses in front of Left, Left steps Left, Right crosses in front of Left, Left steps Left


Step Right, Kick Left, Left-Back-Yemenite, Kick Right, In place step Right & Left,
2-point-turn Clockwise, Right-Back-Yemenite


Out of Circle, Step Right, Left Close, Step Right, Left Close, Step Right Left Close


Resurrection Sunday Musical at Covenant


Covenant Bible Church's Resurrection Sunday Musical production for 2008 was "Then and There: Settled and Done" from Benson Choral.  Curtis, Doug and Paul were asked to carry three beautiful Spencer Williams' hand-painted silk flags.



Banners by Spencer Williams:



"Peace of Jerusalem" Dance Performance


We had the opportunity to do a simple Israeli Folk Dance to the song "Peace of Jerusalem" by Kirk Dearman on Sunday, April 6, 2008 at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC.  Kirk is best known for the song "We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise".  Myrl Peeler choreographed the dance, which is a variation of the Israeli Folk Dance "Im Hupalnu".  The final production included candles, an Israeli flag, and a video presentation.


Dance Rehearsal: March 18 & 25

Preparing for a first "run-through" practice in the sanctuary at Covenant


Everyone in their places ...


"Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Lord we pray for the peace of her people...
Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Shalom Israel."


"As watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem, we cry out night and day;
Till your streets overflow with rejoicing, and your temples are filled with praise."


"Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Lord we pray for the peace of her people...
Lord, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Shalom Israel."


The conclusion of the dance included the Israeli Flag


Psalm 122:
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
       “May those who love you be secure.

May there be peace within your walls
       and security within your citadels.”

For the sake of my brothers and friends,
       I will say, “Peace be within you.”

For the sake of the house of the LORD our God,
            I will seek your prosperity.


Dress Rehearsal: Sunday, April 6, 2008





Isaiah 62:
I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:
ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,
And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Vision For Israel & The Joseph Storehouse Conference


The 2008 Vision For Israel & The Joseph Storehouse Conference was April 10 - 12th at Heritage International Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina. 

Barry and Batya Segal are the founding directors of the humanitarian aid center in Jerusalem. Their longing to help build and restore Israel inspired them to pioneer the non-profit charity organization, Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse in 1994. The work currently functions as an international humanitarian aid center operating in the Judean Hills just outside of Jerusalem.

We had a group of 16 in attendance at the conference.  Speakers for the conference included Barry Segal, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Howard Morgan and Bob Weiner.


Barry Segal opened the conference on Thursday, April 10th, 2008


Barry & Batya, along with Claren & Nancy McQueen, provided music during the conference


Our group waits for the Friday evening meeting to begin


Just as soon as Praise & Worship started, we were up dancing - and joined by many others




After the Friday afternoon session was over, we found a place to dance



Before long the group began to grow - from 4 to 6 to 9

This is when we met Cheryl R





Teaching the Yemenite step in the Israeli Folk Dance, "Hine Ma Tov"


Counter-Clockwise Circle, Chassidic Hands
Debka Right, Left, Right, Left
8 Quick Run Steps (Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left)
Right Stomp, Right-Back Yemenite
Double Yemenite (Right & Left)


Hora Medura - Campfire Hora

Left Mayim
Stoop-over Run, Right, Left, Right, Left
Left Mayim
Facing Center of Circle, Right Heel, Right Heel


On Saturday afternoon, we went over to The Joseph Storehouse & Greeting From Jerusalem
for a time of sharing, prayer, fellowship and shopping.




The Resurrection Dance Ministry performed on Friday and Saturday evenings
How wonderful to see the excitement of these young dancers


Praise, Worship & Dance on Saturday evening



Word from Barry Segal

In 1981, there were 300 Jewish Believers in Israel - in 2008, there are 12,000.  You are called to this conference as midwives, as Jew & non-Jew, for this move of the Lord.


Prophetic Word from the Lord to Curtis

It's time to move beyond the training period with Beit Yeshua.  It time to call forth Jews into our lives - that we can share the love of Yeshua with them.  Time to call forth youth into the Jewish-Roots group and into the Israeli Folk Dance group.


Prophetic Word/Vision from Liran Segal to Curtis at the VFI Conference (10 Apr 2008)

In heaven there was an office desk with a dancer on it.  HE was putting things in order all over the desk.  The Lord said, "Those things you have put in order will come to pass".


Comments from those attending the Vision For Israel Conference:



The Vision For Israel conference was wonderful!  We were reminded that the Jewish Roots Movement and Blessing Israel & the Jewish people is all about the 2nd coming of Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).  What a wonderful opportunity we have to give into this ministry.

This was possibly the most intimate conference I've ever been to.  Everyone was so warm and friendly - new friends quickly became old friends.



The conference had an unspoken theme that NOW is the hour to share the message that Yeshua is the Messiah to our Jewish brothers and sisters - That the hour is late, that we are in the end time scenarios, etc. requiring immediacy of action.

The conference sent a second message forward that the wall of enmity between Jew and Gentile is falling world wide and we are on the way to becoming one body in Yeshua the Lord.

The conference reconfirmed to me the personal and national need to clearly understand the Biblical mandate to bless Israel. I was exposed to a number of ways to do that from a humanitarian perspective such as the IDF lonely soldiers, school children, terror victims, and messianic Jews under persecution. Each group has a specific set of needs needing to be met. VFI has all groups and needs identified as well as processes in place to deliver the aid.


For additional information on Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse

Vision For Israel
P.O. Box 7743
Charlotte, NC  28241


Visit Greetings From Jerusalem - Online Store


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