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Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 


Isaiah 62
I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:
ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,
And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Pesach / Passover

Thanks to Duke and Beth for the great photos
Beit Yeshua gathered for our 8th annual Pesach Seder on Friday, April 10th, 2009, in the Family Life Center of Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC.  We had 200 registered for the Seder this year and were excited about sharing the experience with so many.


Setup on Thursday, April 9th ...


There was "lots" of tape on the back of our large Jerusalem cityscape poster
and it took quite a few of us to get it up on the wall



Doug did all the preliminary work for the low tables at our Seder


After the tables were set up, we were ready to add table cloths
We had 11 low tables that seated 77 and 18 regular/high tables that seated 103


Everyone took the table layout diagram and worked to add Seder plates, Hagaddahs, Wine Glasses,
 Matza Baskets, Hand-Washing Bowls, Salt Water Containers, Broomstraw vases & Name Cards






All of our setup directions come from this Excel created document


2009 Pesach Seder Set-Up Crew


Guests Begin to Arrive ...


A table was set up in the foyer of the Family Life Center to check off guests
and help them find their seats.  (Melba, Carolyn & Jane )













We were especially thankful to have so many teens and young adults with us for the Seder ...



... and lots of children


The Evening Begins ...


The evening began with the sounding of the shofarot (the ram's horn)




The mixed group of Jews & Gentiles
included quite a few Pastors, Ministers and Congregational Leaders





Praise, Worship & Israeli Folk Dance ...


Our Praise & Worship time was absolutely amazing
We started with the song "Baruch Adonai" by Joel Chernoff & the dance Zemer Atik



Once dance circle moves into two




Doug brings out the Lion of Judah flag



To see more of Spencer's beautiful silk banners go to ...

Spencer Williams Flags & Banners


A view from the back of the room




It was wonderful having old friends with us - and making new ones



The Seder Begins ...


The Seder began with the lighting of the festival candles


Hands are ceremonially washed


Savanna asks the 4 Questions


Three pieces of matzah are wrapped together in a matzahtash


Doug explains the Parsley and the Horseradish that is on the Seder Plate


Some horseradish is scooped onto a piece of matzah and eaten



Curtis lifts the bowl of Kharoset

Blood, Frogs, Lice, Beast, Cattle Disease, Boils, Hail, Locust, Darkness, Death of the Firstborn



We Pause for the Covered-Dish Meal ...













The Seder Continues ...


The Afikomen has been found by one of the children and is redeemed for a small monetary gift


We check to see if Elijah the Prophet has returned

Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheynu, Melech Ha'Olam, Borey Pri HaGafen
Blessed are You O Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who created the fruit of the vine.

We drink the 4th Cup of Wine (Grape Juice) ...



... and make a greeting that we might celebrate Pesach next year in Jerusalem

La'Sha-na Ha Ba'ah Bi Yerushalayim!
Next Year in Jerusalem!


Pesach Seder at Beit Shofarot in Salisbury, NC


Beit Shofarot, translated "Tent of Shofars", is a Messianic Congregation, led by Rabbi Yossi, that meets in Salisbury, NC.  Beit Shofarot had their 2nd Seder for 2009 at Salisbury Christian Fellowship on Saturday, April 11th. 



Guests arrived to a room decorated in blue and white


There was some dancing before the evening activities begin


As the evening officially began, Adina led a larger group in some Israeli Folk Dance favorites



The evening included some performance Israeli Folk Dance ...




... as well as some interpretive dance



  Festival candles were lit ...



...and the 4 Questions were asked



Rabbi Yosi & Chalmers led the group in the Seder




La'Sha-na Ha Ba'ah Bi Yerushalayim!
Next Year in Jerusalem!



Israel's 61st Birthday & An Evening Honoring Israel


Beit Yeshua, the Jewish-Roots Group at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, gathered on Friday, April 24, 2009 to celebrate Israel's Independence Day.  Israel became a re-born nation on May 14, 1948 - corresponding with 05 Iyar 5708 on the Jewish Calendar.  The 5th of Iyar corresponds with April 29, 2009 on the Gregorian Calendar. 


To see the rest of the photos, go to An Evening Honoring Israel

Holocaust Remembrance Day


The Salisbury Messianic Fellowship, Beit Shofarot, invited Dutch Holocaust survivor, Frieda Roos Van Hessen, to share her testimony as part of their observance of Holocaust Memorial Day.  94-year-old Frieda was a Jewish opera and concert singer prior to World War II.  Frieda survived Nazi occupation of Holland even though many friends and family members were lost to Nazi annihilation.


Frieda signed copies of her book Life In the Shadow of the Swastika before & after the meeting


Beit Shofarot leadership get Frieda set up as she begins to tell her story


Facts about Frieda

* She was one of Holland's foremost concert and opera singers
* At 19 she sang the lead for the Dutch version of Walt Disney's SNOW WHITE
* At 24 she was the soloist in Verdi's REQUIM for the Dutch Royal Family
* She won the Grande Diplome at the World Contest in Geneva, Switzerland where
she was judged one of the 8 best famale singers in the world
* ...Then the Nazis invaded Holland


Two of the children from Beit Shofarot present Frieda with flowers at the end of the evening


Rabbi Yossi and Frieda


Beit Yeshua had 20 in attendance to hear Frieda speak and fellowship with Beit Shofarot


Oneg - Food & Fellowship at the end of the evening


To learn more about Frieda Roos Van Hessen or purchase her book, follow the following link:




So, What does STAR TREK have to do with Israeli Folk Dance and the Jewish Roots of our Christian Faith?  Absolutely nothing!  It just so turns out that many of our Jewish Roots group happen to be STAR TREK fans and we take every opportunity for a "road trip" and an opportunity to fellowship.


When I mentioned going to see the new movie, twelve of us decided it was a good idea and were there on Friday evening, May 8, for the 7:00 PM showing. 

Paul & Susan, Chuck & Janice, Doug & Lynda, Carolyn & Curtis, as well as Beth & Brad, Philip & Leslie, met at the Carmike Theatre in Hickory at 6:30.  You could tell it was a fan favorite.  The place was packed out, but we still managed to sit together on two rows.

I forgot my camera so this cell-phone snapshot will have to do as a reminder of the evening.


When I said that STAR TREK had absolutely nothing to do with Jewish Roots, that wasn't actually the "whole" truth. 

Leonard Nimoy who played Mr. Spock is Jewish and when he was asked to deliver the memorable line in the original series, "Live long and prosper", he also added the Vulcan hand sign with the split fingers.

This hand sign is similar to the Hebrew letter "Shin", and is the first letter in the name of God, "Shaddai", meaning "Keeper of the doors of Israel" - also frequently translated "Almighty".

The same letter Shin is inscribed on the mezuzot on Jewish doorways.  An aerial topographic view of the city of Jerusalem reveals a remarkable similarity to the letter Shin.

2 KINGS 21:7 
...and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all tribes of Israel, will I put my name forever.

In addition to the salute itself, the ceremonial use of "Live long and prosper" and it's lesser-known reply, "Peace and long life" also show a strong Jewish influence.  The format is similar to the traditional greeting in Hebrew, "Shalom Aleichem" (Peace be upon you) and the answer, "Aleichem Shalom" (Upon you Peace).

It is used by Rabbis around the world when pronouncing the Aaronic blessing on the congregation.

NUMBERS 6:24-26
The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.




Jewish Roots Teaching at Freedom Church


Doug, Paul, Chuck & Curtis were invited by Pastor Eric Reel from Freedom Church in Lincolnton, NC, to do a 6-week teaching on the Jewish Roots of our Christian Faith.


125 E Main St
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Subjects for the 9-week teaching series:
     (1) What Scripture has to say about Israel
     (2) The Messianic Church - a look at our lost inheritance
     (3) What does Messianic Church look like?
     (4) An over-all look at the Biblical Festivals
     (5) Shabbat - What is it - Why observe it?
     (6) Pesach - Why observe it? 
     (7) Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur & Sukkot
     (8) The Minor Feasts: Purim & Hanukkah
     (9) Shofars, Tallits, Tzitzits and other "Jewish Stuff"
(Below) Kurt leads the Sunday evening group into some Praise & Worship


Curtis introduces the group and Doug begins his teaching on the Early Messianic Church

(Below) Paul, Chuck, Doug & Curtis


At the end of the evening Carri Reel shows that she can blow the Shofar, too


On Sunday, May 24, 2009, we were back at Freedom again. 


Chuck, Paul, Carri & Doug blow the shofarot to begin the evening's service


Susan lights Shabbat candles and says the blessing over the candles


Paul says the blessings over the bread and wine then Doug leads the group in a prayer for Israel



We lead the group in a time of Hebraic praise, worship & Israeli Folk Dance



"Hine Ma Tov Umah Naim Shevet Achim Gam Yachad"
Behold How Good & How Pleasant it is for Brethren to Dwell Together in Unity

The evening concluded with a teaching on the Biblical Festivals.
Exodus 23:
14 Three times a year you are to celebrate a festival to me.
15 Celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Pesach/Passover); for seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I command you.  Do this at the appointed time in the month of Abib/Nissan (March or April) for in that month you came out of Egypt.  No one is to appear before me empty-handed.
16 Celebrate the Feast of Harvest (Shavuot/Pentecost) with the firstfruits of the crops you sow in your fields.  Celebrate the Feast of Ingathering (Sukkot/Booths/Tabernacles) at the end of the year, when you gather in your crops from the field.
17 Three times a year all the men are to appear before the Soverign LORD.

Shavuot / Pentecost

Thanks to Duke and Paul for the photos


We gathered in the Family Life Center of Covenant Bible Church on Friday, May 29, 2009,
to celebrate the Biblical Festival of Shavuot/Pentecost.


Susan lights the festival candles and Doug says the blessings over the bread & wine


The group gathers for a group prayer for Israel ...


Prayer For Israel

          Avinu, Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Protector and Redeemer of Israel, bless the State of Israel which marks the first glimmering of our deliverance.  Shield it beneath the wings of Your love, spread over it Your canopy of peace; send Your light and Your truth to its leaders, officers and counselors and direct them with Your good counsel.  O God, strengthen the defenders of our Holy Land; grant them salvation and crown them with victory.  Establish peace in the land, and everlasting joy for its inhabitants.  Remember our brethren, the whole house of Israel, in all the lands of their dispersion.  Speedily let them walk upright to Zion, the city, to Jerusalem your dwelling place, as it is written in the Torah of Your servant Moses in Deuteronomy 30:4-5, “Even if you are dispersed in the uttermost parts of the world, from there the Lord your God will gather and fetch you.  The Lord your God will bring you into the land which your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it.”  Unite our heart to love and revere Your Name, and to observe all the precepts of Your Torah.  Shine forth in your glorious majesty over all the inhabitants of Your world.  Let everything that breathes proclaim, “Avinu, Malkeinu, Our Father & Our King, The Lord God of Israel is King; His majesty rules over all.” May they come to recognize, know & receive their long-awaited Messiah.  Amen!


... Doug leads us in individual prayer for Israel


  (Left) Janice & Rita
(Right) Jeremy & Jeanne


A time of Praise, Worship & Dance





The Book of Ruth is read during the Feast of Shavuot.


22So Naomi returned (to Behlehem), and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her, which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest.


As part of our celebration of Shavuot, we performed a "spontaneous" play based on the Book of Ruth, where performers were called "spontaneously" from the attendees to perform the various parts from the story.  Sometimes it's a little challenging to keep the story fresh for those who have seen the play year-after-year.  This year the theme of "funny hats" was used to add a little humor to the story.  Only the characters of Ruth & Boaz kept traditions Jewish costumes - Ruth with a scarf and Boaz with a keepa & tallit.


Bill, Sheryl & Carolyn were the Narrators for the story


Curtis introduces Naomi (Allison) and her daughters-in-law,
Ruth (Jeanne) and Orpah (Carolee), to the audience


Boaz (Jeremy) and the Foreman (Chuck) over his lands and servants



An Elder in the City (Andy), a Woman from the City (Anna),
and a Kinsman-Redeemer (Seth)


 3Then Elimelech, Naomi’s husband, died; and she was left with her two sons. 4They took for themselves Moabite women as wives; the name of the one was Orpah and the name of the other Ruth. And they lived there about ten years. 5Then both Mahlon and Chilion also died, and the woman was bereft of her two children and her husband.  8And Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go, return each of you to her mother’s house. May the LORD deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead and with me.  15Then she said (to Ruth), “Behold, your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and her gods; return after your sister-in-law.” 16But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. 17“Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Thus may the LORD do to me, and worse, if anything but death parts you and me.” 18When she saw that she was determined to go with her, she said no more to her.


Ruth, Naomi & Orpah grieve after the deaths of their husbands


1Now Naomi had a kinsman of her husband, a man of great wealth, of the family of Elimelech, whose name was Boaz. 2And Ruth the Moabitess said to Naomi, “Please let me go to the field and glean among the ears of grain after one in whose sight I may find favor.” And she said to her, “Go, my daughter.” 


Naomi & Ruth move their "tent" to Bethlehem
where Ruth gleans barley from the edges of Boaz's fields


The festivals are a wonderful way to visually teach our children about their Biblical heritage


8Then Boaz said to Ruth, “Listen carefully, my daughter. Do not go to glean in another field; furthermore, do not go on from this one, but stay here with my maids. 9“Let your eyes be on the field which they reap, and go after them. Indeed, I have commanded the servants not to touch you. When you are thirsty, go to the water jars and drink from what the servants draw.” 10Then she fell on her face, bowing to the ground and said to him, “Why have I found favor in your sight that you should take notice of me, since I am a foreigner?” 


Ruth finds favor with Boaz


1Then Naomi her mother-in-law said to her, “My daughter, shall I not seek security for you, that it may be well with you? 2“Now is not Boaz our kinsman, with whose maids you were? Behold, he winnows barley at the threshing floor tonight. 3“Wash yourself therefore, and anoint yourself and put on your best clothes, and go down to the threshing floor; but do not make yourself known to the man until he has finished eating and drinking. 4“It shall be when he lies down, that you shall notice the place where he lies, and you shall go and uncover his feet and lie down; then he will tell you what you shall do.” 5She said to her, “All that you say I will do.”


That night, Ruth uncovers Boaz's feet and lies down where he is sleeping



 12“Now it is true I am a close relative; however, there is a relative closer than I. 13“Remain this night, and when morning comes, if he will redeem you, good; let him redeem you. But if he does not wish to redeem you, then I will redeem you, as the LORD lives.


Boaz confronts a Kinsman-Redeemer about marrying Ruth


BOAZ:  Naomi, who has come back from Moab, is selling the piece of land that belonged to our brother Elimelech. I thought I should bring the matter to your attention and suggest that you buy it in the presence of these seated here and in the presence of the elders of my people. If you will redeem it, then do so. But if you will not, tell me, so I will know. For no one has the right to do it except you, but I am next in line.

KINSMAN: I will redeem it.  I’m young and I need to start acquiring some land anyway.

BOAZ:  Oh - by the way, on the day that you buy the land from Naomi and from Ruth the Moabitess, you acquire the dead man's widow - in order to maintain his name with his property.

KINSMAN:  (Glancing at Ruth) What!  Hey, man, I don’t mind getting married - I’m actually looking forward to it - but I’m looking for a wife who is MY age – she’s the same age as my mother!  You redeem them yourself.  I cannot do it.

READER 4:  For the redemption and transfer of property to become final, one party had to take off his sandal and gave it to the other. This was the method of legalizing transactions in Israel.

KINSMAN:  Well, I’m not exactly wearing my sandals today – will a boot do?  (Take off boot and hand it to Boaz) May Ha’Shem bring honor to you through your offspring!

BOAZ:  (Noticing the Kinsman’s smelly feet) That’s OK cousin! I’ll take your word!  Just keep the boot!  Please! Today you are witnesses that I have bought from Naomi all the property of Elimelech, Kilion and Mahlon.  I have also acquired Ruth, the Moabitess, Mahlon's widow, as my wife, in order to maintain his name with his property.  His name will not disappear from among his family or from the town records. Today you are witnesses!

ELDER:  We are your witnesses. May the LORD make the woman who is coming into your home like Rachel and Leah, who together built up the house of Israel. May you have standing in the land and be famous in Bethlehem.  Through the offspring the LORD gives you by this young woman, may your family be like that of Perez, whom Tamar bore to Judah.


"You marry her, Boaz, I can't!  I want a wife but not one who's as old as my mother!"


So, Boaz marries Ruth

13So Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife, and he went in to her. And the LORD enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.  16Then Naomi took the child and laid him in her lap, and became his nurse. 17The neighbor women gave him a name, saying, “A son has been born to Naomi!” So they named him Obed. He is the father of Jesse, the father of David.

Ruth gave birth to a son and named him Obed
and he sure looks a lot like "Boaz"


The 2009 "Story of Ruth" Cast


2009 Summer Aleph-Bet Class

The 2009 Summer Aleph-Bet Class was a 5-week workshop that meet at Curtis & Carolyn's home in Catawba, NC, from July 17 to September 11, 2009. There was no cost for the class, but a 5 session commitment was requested.  There were 8 who committed to the 5-week-workshop.

The evening begins with Carolyn lighting Shabbat Candles


Renee, Andy, Myrl, Allie


(Left) Allie, Iline & Doug  -  (Right) Angel



The group was excited to see that they could indeed begin reading Hebrew after the first couple of classes.  They were reading Hebrew words in class # 3, phrases in class # 4, and scripture in Class # 5.


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