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11 Jan 2014

"Purim Wars"
21 Mar 2014























































































































Isaiah 62
I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:
ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,
And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 



Genesis 22:17

17 Indeed I will greatly bless you (Abraham), and I will greatly multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your seed shall possess the gate of their enemies. 18 “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.”


Isaiah 14

1 For the LORD will have mercy on Jacob and will yet choose Israel and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.


Arts Evangelica

Stephanie Stewart invited Curtis to come to High Point, NC, to teach Israeli Folk Dance to the ballet troop, Arts Evengelica.  Stephanie's dance troop will be going to Israel later this year and will be performing an original ballet at several of the IDF bases there. They wanted to learn some Israeli Folk Dance to include in one of their dances.  Her parents, Jim & Linda, live in Jerusalem where they work at Christian Friends of Israel.  After quite a bit of planning, Stephanie and I finally settled on a date of Saturday, 11 Jan 2014, as the date for us to come and teach the Israeli Folk Dance class.  Curtis, Carolyn, Myrl and Gloria made the trip to High Point on a very rainy January Saturday morning for the two-hour class.

Everyone took an opportunity to make introductions


Curtis taught the basic steps of Israeli Folk Dance - including holding hands, Right hand Up, Left hand Down

The dances Curtis taught were: (1) Zemer Atik - Ancient Melody, (2) Hine Ma Tov - Behold How Good, (3) Hava Nagila - Let Us Rejoice, (4) Hora Nirkoda - Hora Let's Dance, (5) Mayim Mayim - Water Water, (6) Od Lo Ahavtti Dai - I Haven't Loved Enough, (7) Ma Na Vu - How Pleasant/Lovely, (8) Ani Ma Amin - I Believe, and (9) Mi HaIsh - Who is the Man.  In addition to the traditional folk songs, we also used music by Paul Wilbur, Barry & Batya Segal, and King of Kings Jerusalem.

The Arts Evangelica dance studio is located in the Oak Hollow Mall in High Point


Using "Hasidic Hands" for Zemer Atik and Hine Ma Tov


ZEMER ATIK:  "One and Two and Three and Four and Five - Clap Clap - Clap"



MAYIM MAYIM "Mayim-2-3-4, Mayim-2-3-4, Mayim-2-3-4, Mayim-2-3-4"


MAYIM MAYIM "In-2-3-4-5-Clap, Out-6-7-8"



HAVA NAGILA:  "Step-Behind-Step-Kick-Kick, Step-Behind-Step-Kick-Kick"



HAVA NAGILA:  "Balance Right - Left - Right Left Right Left"


OD LO AHAVTI DAI: "Mayim-2-3-4, Mayim-2-3-4, Tcherkesia-2-3-4, Tcherkesia-2-3-4"



OD LO AHAVTI DAI: "In-2-3-Hop, Out-2-3-Hop"


As the group moved to the more difficult dances at the end of the class,
they used the mirrors and everyone stood behind Curtis to learn the more challenging steps


Using the 2-Point-Turn for the dance ANI MA AMIN



Arts Evangelica used some of the Israeli folk dances that we taught them as they toured Israel & visited IDF Military Bases


They also had the opportunity to do a ballet piece at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem


To See the YouTube Video CLICK HERE

Arts Evangelica dance to the song "How Great Thou Art" by Sandi Patty

Source: Stewart Media



Beit Yeshua gathered on Friday, March 21, 2014, at the home of Chuck & Janice Anthony to observe the Biblical Festival of PURIM.  The Feast of Purim is mentioned in the Book of Esther and tells how God used Queen Esther to save the Jewish people living in Persia Media from the evil Haman.
Janice & Chuck said blessings over Shabbat candles, bread and wine

Costumes worn at Purim remind us of the fact that Esther kept her Jewishness hidden
until the time came that she revealed it to save her people

Andi & Jonathan Lovelace


Chuck & Janice's home is large enough to accommodate a large crowd and also perform our annual Purim play


The 2014 play was entitled "Purim Wars" and was a Star Wars & Sci-Fi parody

Characters Left To Right: Bianca Pittman (R2D2), Sean Pittman (C3PO), Myrl Peeler (Queen Lei-Esther), Janice Anthony (Queen Vashti), Sam Melnyk (King James T. Kirkshuerus), Angel Pittman (Zeresh), Jonathan Lovelace (Morde Chai Kenobi), Mark Pittman (Darth Haman), Peter Melnyk (Yoda), and Wane Daroux (the Hangman)


Curtis wrote and directed the play & parody songs and purchased all of the costume pieces
Andy Melnyk served as the Narrator


Our play is always an impromptu play
The cast doesn't see the play before they're called up to the front and costumed during our Purim Celebration


Zeresh, Queen Lei-Esther, Queen Vashti and Yoda


Mark Pittman had been asked to wear black jeans and a black T-shirt
Andi & Curtis finish the costuming as the character of Darth Haman (Boo! Hiss!) is introduced


As everyone prepares to sing the parody song "Breakin' Up's NOT Hard to Do",
Curtis teaches King Kirkshuerus, Yoda and C3PO a simple choreographed dance for the chorus of the song


Breaking Up’s Not Hard to Do
Tune: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom,
Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom,
Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom
Breaking up’s not hard to do!

Queen Vashti you - made a mistake
Now your marriage vows the King will break
You should have gone when he called you,
‘Cause breaking up’s not hard to do.

The King cannot - just let you slide,
Your awful rudeness he could not abide,
Soon he’ll be looking for someone new,
‘Cause Breaking up’s not hard to do.

No need to go, Va-shti, and pack your bags,
Cause you’ll be leaving with nothing but rags,
You should have seen this my friend,
When you refused the kings command,
You should have seen this was your end.

No need to go and say goodbye,
King’s dismissed you, there’s no need to cry,
Don’t even think about trying to sue,
‘Cause breaking up’s not hard to do.

Don’t think about your fancy clothes and sweet perfume,
Cause they’ll not let you back into your room,
You’re just lucky he didn’t kill you,
He could have had your pretty head,
to speed up finding someone new.

No need to go and say goodbye,
Get up off of your knees and do not cry,
Go start a new life in some place new,
‘Cause breaking up’s not hard to do.

Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom,
Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom,
Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom
Breaking up’s not hard to do!

Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom,
Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom,
Sho-be-do-be dom, Do-be-do dom-dom
Breaking up’s not hard to do!


When Morde-Chai Kenobi refuses to bow down to Darth Haman, Haman plans to have all the Jews in Persia Media killed


Zeresh tells Darth Haman to have a gallows built and to have Morde-Chai Kenobi hanged

Morde-Chai goes to Esther and tells her to intercede before the King on behalf of her people


Darth Haman did not know that King Kirkshuerus planned to reward Morde-Chai Kenobi for saving his life
After Morde-Chai is robed in the finest robe, Haman had to lead him on the King's horse through the streets of
Persia Media shouting that the King has shown favor to Morde-Chai and wanted to honor him


Queen Lei-Esther holds a special banquet for King Kirkshuerus and Darth Haman
At the banquet she informs the King that she's Jewish and that Haman's decree will cost her her life


King Kirkshuerus is furious with Darth Haman
When C3PO informs the King about the gallows that Haman had built for Morde-Chai Kenobi,
King Kirshuerus orders that Darth Haman be hanged on the gallows instead


(Left) C3PO carries a decree from King Kirkshuerus about the hangin' of Darth Hamin
(Right) The King gives Lei-Esther permission to write a decree telling the Jews to defend themselves
and Morde-Chai Kenobi is given the lands and property of Darth Haman




Everyone enjoys a final song




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