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Esther Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
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Beit Yeshua's own Iline Morrison wrote and directed the 2017 Purim Spiel/Play entitled,
 "Esther Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs - Shushan Style".


Please feel free to copy and use the play.  I only ask that you let me know that you are and that you include the personal information at the top of the play. 
I'd love to see some photos from your performance, too - so "please" email me a few.


Esther Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs - Shushan Style



King Prince-Charming Achashverosh, Queen Esther Snow White, Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall and Writer/Director Iline Morrison


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Esther Snow White: A beautiful young Jewish girl, cousin of Huntsman Mordechai.
King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: King of Persia Media residing in Shushan.
Alternate spelling for his name include Ahasuerus, Asoueros, Assuerus and in Greek Xerxes.
Queen Vashti: King Prince-Charming Achashverosh's Queen.
Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: King's advisor who hates the Jews.
Mrs. Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: Haman's wife.
Messenger Thing-One: The King's servant.
Messenger Thing-Two: The King's servant.
Huntsman Mordechai: Esther Snow White's cousin, A Jewish man.
Sleepy: 1st Dwarf, Has insomnia.
Dopey: 2nd Dwarf, Bad eye sight and bumps into things.
Bashful: 3rd Dwarf, Dashes around from place to place
Happy: 4th Dwarf, Always happy.
Sneezy: 5th Dwarf, Has allergies
Doc: 6th Dwarf, A counselor
Grumpy: 7th Dwarf, Is always grumpy

Esther Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Shushan Style

A Purim Parody by Iline Morrison


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Shushan We Go



Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to Shushan we go to
To See the King, Haman Too
And Hear how Esther Saved the Jews
Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to Shushan we go


Narrator: Once a long time ago in the Great Kingdom of Shushan was a wonderful King. King Prince-Charming Achashverosh, and a queen named Vashti.   Now Queen Vashti, thought she was the best thing in the great land.  She looked at herself and had her makeup done every day.  She played; she dawdled and she took great naps.  King Prince-Charming Achashverosh was such a grand king that he decided to have a great banquet.   He invited all near and far.  The crowd clamored to view the beautiful Queen Vashti.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh had an advisor named Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall.  Haman had a wife who thought she was the most beautiful one in the land and frequently looked at her husband Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall to confirm her thoughts. 

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, who is the most amazing queen in the land?

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: Oh, King, that would be Queen Vashti. She is the only Queen and a grand one at that.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh:  Then bring her to my feast - that I may show all her beauty.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-TheWall: Whatever pleases you, O King. (Goes to Queen Vashti)

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: Oh, Vashti, Great Queen, please attends the banquet. The King calls for thee. 

Queen Vashti: Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, who is the most amazing queen in the Land.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: Why, Queen Vashti, you are the most amazing queen of the land. Come to the banquet. Let the king show you off. 

Queen Vashti: Show me off? I am getting my nails done …

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: What shall I tell the king?

Queen Vashti: Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, I will leave that to your own "reflection"!

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: King, my King grandest of the land, Queen Vashti will not come.  She is getting her nails done.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Then she is banished - never to return. A new queen I will have.
(Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall exits)

(Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall enters his home where his wife is waiting on him)

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: My wife, the queen is no more.

Mrs. Haman On The Wall:  Oh, good. You are here. Let me ask once more.  Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, who is the most beautiful one in all the land. 

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall:  You are my wife. And since we got rid of the queen, we will get rid of the king and the Jews in the land and we will also be the "best" in all of Shushan. So, now my wife, how do "I" look?

(Back to the palace)

Narrator:  The king sends for his messengers.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh:  Messenger Thing-One and Messenger Thing-Two, go search near and far. Bring me all the hot, young ladies of the land.  Bring them to Shushan Palace so that I may pick which one will be my bride.

Messenger Thing-One and Messenger-Thing Two: Of Course, searching we will go.  Find a bride for the king to hold.

(In the forest)

Narrator: Meanwhile in the forest, in a glade, was a small cottage filled with many special people. There was Esther Snow White, who was beautiful and kind hearted … and Huntsman Mordecai, who was the cousin of Esther Snow White. He was a great mentor and studier of Torah. There were also other special ones living in the small cottage – 7 Dwarfs: Bashful, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc, Grumpy, Happy and Sneezy. 

(Messengers come running in)

Messenger Thing-One:  Excuse me, all in the cottage. The king has been eating his porridge, and plotting he has done. Queen Vashti is banished and seems to have vanished. 

Messenger Thing-Two: So, King Prince-Charming Achashverosh is looking for a new wife.  If chosen, she will add spice to his life.

Huntsman Mordecai:  All of us most go to Shushan and see if any of you can fit what King Prince-Charming Achashverosh needs for a bride to be.



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Shushan We Go



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Shushan we go
A bride the king will choose
Oh dear, I know it's me
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to get the crown I go

(The group arrives in Shushan.  And the special ones are paraded before King Prince-Charming Achashverosh.)

Messenger Thing-One:  Presenting Miss Sleepy.

Sleepy: I am not Sleepy! I have insomnia!  That is a medical condition that cannot be used to keep me from the offered position.

Messenger Thing-Two:  Presenting Miss Dopey. 

Dopey:  No, no my name isn’t Dopey! Its Bumpy!  See, I have a little problem with my eye sight and I tend to bump into things.  This is not a disability so you can’t use it to keep me from the crown.

Messenger Thing-Two:  Presenting Miss Bashful.

Bashful:  I am not Bashful! Boy, you need to keep up with political correctness!  I am Dashful. Unlike Bumpy here, I dash about here and there! You can see at a glance, how I dash around so I am the one best fit to be queen.

Messenger Thing-One:  Presenting Miss Happy.

Happy:  I am just as it sounds.  I am happy, happy, happy! I am just Happy!  It is I alone who can make all the drones  watch over everyone and make sure they keep "me" happy.

Messenger Thing-Two:  Presenting Sneezy.

Sneezy:  I am not Sneezy! I just have a few allerg…..allerg… (Achchoo!) allergies!

Messenger Thing-One:  Presenting Miss Doc.

Doc:  Please keep up with the times. With the bunch I live with, it is easy to see I am not a “Doc”. I am a counselor.  I would be a great asset to King Prince-Charming Achashverosh. I could counsel him and help him find his inner childhood self.

Messenger Thing-One: Presenting Grumpy.  Ahh! What is your political correct name?

Grumpy:  It’s Grumpy!  There is just too much political correctness today!  You are what you are you can’t change that!  If I am chosen Queen…. Which at looking at this bunch, I should be, I would explain to the King everything that is wrong with Shushan.

Messenger Thing-Two: And young miss. Who are you?

Esther Snow White:  I am Esther Snow White. I am just your servant.  Servant to the King, Servant to the Lord…..

(Messengers go to the King Prince Charming Achashverosh. They speak quietly amongst themselves)

Messenger Thing-One & Messenger Thing-Two: And the winner is - Esther Snow White.

Esther Snow White: Oh, Oh! I am so surprised!  May the Lord use me.   (All Exit but King and Haman)


(Esther Snow White and Huntsman Mordechai with the Seven Dwarfs)


Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: Congratulations my King on your new bride, Esther Snow White. An interesting young lady.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Thank you, Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall.  I was just looking out at my kingdom - seeing what I can do to improve the land.  Gaze at it with me. 

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: You know, my King, there is something we can do to improve your kingdom.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, what is it, what do you see?

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: There is a people among us that are not from us.  They are bringing down "our" image, I mean "your" image. 

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Oh now, that would look a fright.  We must do something about it?

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: We should cast the lot, the Pur, and select a date to annihilate these radicals from among us.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Let’s make this official. I give you my signet ring.  Arrange it all.  I have many other things to do.  So off with you, Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall. Go do your job.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: With pleasure, Oh, King Prince Charming Achashverosh.



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Shushan We Go



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Destroy the Jews I go
When I am finished, they will be diminished
Hi Ho, Hi Ho


Huntsman Mordecai: Queen Esther Snow White, Queen Esther Snow White.  Have you heard the news! What they are going to do to the Jews?

Queen Esther Snow White: No, I have not.  They keep me locked up in the palace.  What is going on Huntsman Mordecai?

Huntsman Mordecai: A plan was put in place by Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall.  They plan to kill us all.  They cast the pur and now we are for sure to be wiped out.

Queen Esther Snow White:  Does King PrinceCharming Achashverosh know of this evil plan?

Huntsman Mordecai: The king sealed it with his ring.  But he doesn’t know what it is all about.

Queen Esther Snow White: What shall I do?  I haven’t seen the king in a while.  And it is death to go before him.

Huntsman Mordecai: If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

Queen Esther Snow White: Then have all the Jews to fast and pray.  Only God will I obey.  And I will petition the king, if I perish then I perish.

(Queen Esther Snow White enters before the king.  He is astonished and holds his hand out to her)

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Queen Esther Snow White…. You look great.  Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, doesn’t she look great? But Queen Esther Snow White, why are you here?

Queen Esther Snow White: I have come to ask you and Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall to a banquet to be held tomorrow night.  

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Personal invitation! What a neat thing to do! Of course, we will dine with you.

(all exit)

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: Wife, I am home, and do you know why tomorrow night is  unlike all other nights?  I get to have dinner with the King and Queen!

Mrs. Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall:   It’s only natural they would like to have you hang around with them. It will give you the opportunity to see what to do so soon we will be the greatest in the land. You should go to the King and ask for a promotion. Also, bring something unexpected to the feast.  An Apple, I insist. It will give you an edge.  Maybe they will choke on it. Then you and I could be King and Queen.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall:  My dearest darling, that only happens in fairy tales.  But it’s a great idea about the apple.  For now I will go to the king.

Mrs. Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: But before you do, let me ask once again.  Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, who is the most beautiful of us all.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: In all the land there is none as pretty as us. 


King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Messenger Thing-One and Messenger Thing-Two, read to me tonight, for I cannot sleep.

Messenger Thing-One: Let us read the annuals of how Huntsman Mordecai saved the King, Prince-Charming Achashverosh’s life.

Messenger Thing-Two:   Oh yes! It is a favorite selection of mine, too.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Saved my life!  Was he rewarded? 

Messenger Thing-One & Messenger Thing-Two:  I have search "Hi" and I have search "Ho", but naught a reward was found.

(Enters Haman Mirror, Mirror On The Wall)

King PrinceCharming Achashverosh: Just the man I needed to see.  What should be given to a man the King wants to honor.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: (speaks to the audience) At last the king truly sees me. (Then speaks to the King) Oh Mighty King Prince-Charming Achashverosh, you should let him be lead around by someone important, who cries aloud, "This is a man the king wishes to honor". Let the man wear your robe as he strolls around. 

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Good idea, Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall. Here is my robe. Go and cry aloud as you lead around Huntsman Mordecai and honor him for me.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: What, who……………..Oh, No!


(Haman exits and leads around Huntsman Mordecai.)



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Shushan We Go



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, the King Exalts the Jew

I am humiliated but tomorrow I will

Will hang this Jew, then I am done.


Narrator: Its dinner time and the guest arrived and sit at the Queen Esther Snow White’s table.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: A gift for you my Queen Esther Snow White.

Queen Esther Snow White: Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall, oh, how unexpected!

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: This is a great meal.  But my Queen Esther Snow White, was there something else you wanted.  You risked your life, my wife, to speak and invite us here today.

Queen Esther Snow White: Well, my king, someone is trying to kill me and my people.

King Prince-Charming Achashverosh: Who would do that…………..?

Queen Esther Snow White: Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall! He would kill us all.

Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall: No! Not me! I brought an apple!  Try it!  You will like it!

(Queen Esther Snow White takes a bite and falls to the ground.)

King Prince Charming Achashverosh:  (helps his wife) You would choke my wife with an apple in my presence. 

(Messenger Thing-One and Messenger Thing-Two quickly covers Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall’s Head with a black cloth so he can never be seen again).


(Messenger Thing-One prepares to cover Haman Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall's Head)



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to Shushan We Go



Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
The Lord saved the Jews
A lesson learned
Be willing and God will bless you, too