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Isaiah 62
I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:
ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,
And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 



Shabbat With Jim & Linda


Jim & Linda invited Carolyn and Curtis up to spend the weekend with them near Grandfather Mountain, NC, on Friday, October 15, 2010.  We first met Jim & Linda when they attended Beit Yeshua's 2009 Pesach Seder.  As the years have passed, they've become very special friends - radiating the Lord's love. 


Final preparations for the Erev Shabbat meal




Our Sabbath evening is set "apart" by lighting Shabbat candles, blessings over the bread & wine, hand-washing, and prayers.

"Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha'Olam"


Thank You, Abba, for Your gift of Shabbat!


One of my favorites - matza ball soup - Yum!
Notice Linda's homemade hummus in the background



... as well as chicken, mixed-vegetable salad, rice and home-made pita bread !  Yum!




After dinner, a time of praise, worship and some Israeli folk dance ...


... and some fellowship


The cool Fall temperatures (35 F) made for a cool evening
A fire in the fireplace made every thing very cozy


Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful Fall Season!


Carolyn & Linda enjoy the Shabbat afternoon


Next Year in Jerusalem!




NC Mountain Sukkot


Carolyn & I had the privilege to meet some nice folks from the mountains of North Carolina as they've traveled to Lincolnton for our last two Israeli Folk Dance classes.  They informed us that they would be observing the festival of Sukkot from October 22 - 31 in Bostic, NC, and invited us to come by.  This Jewish-Roots group of Believers come from Marion, Nebo, Bostic, Boone and Connelly Springs, NC.  Carolyn & I went up on Saturday, October 23rd, and spent several hours fellowshipping, dancing and getting to know these new friends.  It was the perfect weekend to be in the mountains as the Autumn colors of the trees show their vibrant beauty.  Yahweh is a good God!


The theme of the festival is "Preparing the Camp of the Righteous".  They'll have morning classes starting at 10:00 am and will be centered around wilderness skills, foraging & wild edibles, cooking over a campfire, basic flour making (includes wild grains), acorn bread, survival kits, water filtration & purification, salve making and herbal medicines - as well as classes on shofar blowing, tzitzit tying, challah bread making and more.  Around 5:00 pm each day, they'll begin the Torah classes that will include, "Tithing - YHVH's Perfect Plan for Provision", "The Physics Behind End-Times Prophecies", "Misplaced Allegiance" and more.  Quiet time (out of courtesy to the neighbors) begins at 10:00 pm.  All meals are eaten on site and a great time will be had by all.  There's a time of evening dance and lulav in the driveway.


Some of the tents set up by the group of about 25


Phillip, Cindy, Dylan & Azalea had the perfect arrangement for a family of four


Some of the group fellowships ...


... while the rest of us danced


The ladies showed us a dance to the song "He is Yahweh" by VINEYARD ...



... and shared a circle dance with Curtis


They then invited Curtis to teach some dances
so he started off with Od Lo Ahavti Dai


Phillip joined the ladies and Curtis


Two left Mayims


 Two Tcherkesias


In - 2 - 3 - Hop, Out 2 - 3 - Hop


Two slides to the Right


Right 3-point turn


We also danced to "Im Hu PalNu", "Ani Ma Amin" and "Hora Habika"


Gaston College Seder


Pastor Eric Reel of Freedom Church in Lincolnton, NC, invited Beit Yeshua to do a Pesach Seder for the Old Testament class that Eric teaches at the Lincolnton Campus of Gaston College in Lincolnton, NC.  Doug, Paul & Curtis conducted a 50 minute mini-Seder on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.  Eric had talked with the class about Passover and he felt that the Seder would be a perfect conclusion.


Doug, Paul and Pastor Eric Reel


Seder supplies are distributed ...


... and students start to arrive



Curtis shows Kayla how to light Pesach candles & do the blessing



Students watch attentively as shofarot are sounded by Paul, Doug & Eric




Ceremonial hand washing


Parsley dipped in salt water recalls the tears shed by the Israelites
while slaves in Egypt




The Passover story is explained



The first taste of Matzah


The first cup of wine (grape juice) is drunk ...


... the second cup is poured and the 10 plagues are recited



Yeshua became the Passover lamb
It was the 3rd Cup of the Pesach Seder that He shared with His disciples
when He instituted "Communion"


A special thanks to Eric for giving us the opportunity to share the Seder with his students


Marty Goetz Concert

Rabbi Yossi and Beit Shofarot invited Beit Yeshua to join them in hosting Messianic singer Marty Goetz in concert at Beit Shofarot in China Grove (Landis), NC, on Saturday, November 6, 2010.  As always, Marty delighted those in attendance with his singing, wit, personal stories and devotion to the Lord.  The Lord's presence was truly there as Marty sang, shofarot sounded, Israeli flags waved, prayers prayed and dancers danced.  What a blessing as at folks from a dozen or more congregations, groups and ministries came out to be involved.

Rabbi Yossi welcomed everyone and Curtis prayed as the evening began


Yossi introduced Marty and the worship began


Marty was born and raised Jewish
but eventually received Yeshua as his Messiah


Israeli flags wave as Marty leads the group in singing "Hatikvah"



Marty sings a Hebrew Medley as folks get up to join in the dancing


Some additional sharing and an offering was received



Highway to Zion - November 2010 Assembly

It has been a tremendous blessing and privilege to see the Lord's hand at work as He brings together the various Messianic Congregations, Jewish-Roots Groups and Ministries over the past two years.  On Friday, November 12, 2010, Highway to Zion hosted an Assembly that also included Beit Yeshua, Beit Shofarot and Love For His People.
The Assembly was held at Christian Life Center, 7100 Alexander Rd., Charlotte, NC 28270.  A special thanks to Pastors Mark & Sharon Matthews.

The common group meetings have been a wonderful opportunity for us to grow closer with those from other congregations and groups. 


Steve & Laurie rehearse some of the songs for the evening with the band
while Cathy makes last minute plans with Rabbi Yossi



Cathy welcomed the crowd and shared a scripture



Click Here to see & hear Cathy sharing


A large crowd of Believers from the various ministries came out


Those who had a shofar were called to the front for the sounding of the shofarot



Susan lights Shabbat candles


Paul says blessings over the bread and wine



Steve & Laurie of LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE
led everyone in a wonderful time of praise & worship


Curtis & Beit Yeshua led Israeli Folk Dance


Rabbi Yossi, Reyna, Avigdor (Will) and Brad led in some beautiful Messianic prayers & blessings
as well as a reading of the weekly Torah portion


Click Here to see & hear the Messianic liturgy, Part 1

Click Here to see & hear the Messianic liturgy, Part 2

Click Here to see & hear the Messianic liturgy, Part 3


Rabbi Yossi brought the 135-year-old Torah scroll from Beit Shofarot
 and led the group in a Torah parade complete with flags, dancing, and shofar sounding



he Torah Parade
Numerous people in the congregation
were given the opportunity to hold and even dance with the Torah scroll




Click Here to see the Torah Parade, Part 1

Click Here to see the Torah Parade, Part 2

Click Here to see the Torah Parade, Part 3

Click Here to see the Torah Parade, Part 4

Click Here to see the Torah Parade, Part 5


Click Here to see & hear the Messianic liturgy, Part 4

Click Here to hear Rabbi Yossi's closing remarks about the Torah


Additional praise, worship & dance



Rabbi Yossi shared his testimony about how the Lord had directed his life to get him to
the place he is today and also about the six steps of worship



To see and hear Rabbi Yossi's message:

Click Here Part 1 Click Here Part 5
Click Here Part 2 Click Here Part 6
Click Here Part 3 Click Here Part 7
Click Here Part 4  




Hanukkah with
Beit Yeshua & Beit Shofarot

Beit Yeshua & Beit Shofarot gathered corporately on Saturday, December 4, 2010, at First Reformed Church in Landis, NC, to celebrate the Biblical festival of Hanukkah.  The evening started as Rabbi Yossi lit the Hanukkah menorah and proceeded to a time to praise, worship & dance.  An impromptu/spontaneous Hanukkah play gave folks from Beit Yeshua, Beit Shofarot & First Reformed Church an opportunity to learn the story of Hanukkah and how God brought deliverance to the Jewish people - culminating in the cleansing & rededicating of the Temple.

The crowd arrived and settled as the evening began


Rabbi Yossi lit the Hanukkiah



Praise, Worship & Israeli Folk Dance






As the Hanukkah play began, Curtis called each of the unsuspecting actors up
as Myrl & Janice costumed them on the spot



Reader 1: This is Antiochus IV - also called Antiochus Epiphanes.  Antiochus was born about 215 B.C. and is the King of Syria - and not a very nice person.  He has recently invaded Israel and seized power.  He’s even taken control of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  Have you ever seen a more evil-looking face?


Reader 1: This is Antiochus’ “lovely” wife, Laodice.  She was married to “two” of Antiochus’ brothers before she married him.  She is also Antiochus’ sister.  Laodice has a daughter, Nysa.  And just to keep the facts straight, she is not Antiochus Epiphanes’ daughter - she’s his step-daughter and also his niece!   Talk about one mixed-up family!

Nysa (Olivia), Laodice (Reyna), Attendant (Wane) and Antiochus (Will)


Reader 2: Alexander the Great defeated the Persians and the Medes. He fought many battles, conquered strongholds, and put to death the kings of the earth.

Reader 1:  He gathered a very strong army and ruled over countries, nations, and princes.  Soon afterwards, Alexander became sick and realized that he was dying. He summoned his most honored officers and divided his kingdom among them while he was still alive.

Reader 2:
After Alexander’s death, his officers began to rule, each in his own place. They all put on crowns, and brought a lot of evil into the world.

Reader 1: 
From this group, came forth a sinful root, Antiochus Epiphanes, the son of Antiochus the king. 

:  Personally, that sounds a little “harsh” to me.  Me, a “sinful root”?  I don’t think so.  I do have everything I’ve ever wanted, though.  I rule these people here in Israel, and if they don’t do what I say, I have them killed.  After all, they’re simply here for my pleasure.  Surely that doesn’t make me a “sinful root”!  Does it?  Really!!!!

  No, no, my dearest darling!  You’re not any more sinful than I am.  If you were, I’d know it.

  Thank you my dear, Laodice.  Your encouragement shows me that I was right when I decided to take you, my sister, as my wife.  Am I a better husband than my brother was to you?

  You’re a wonderful husband, Antiochus.  These Hebrews are a “lower class” of people.  They’re foolish and need someone to rule over them.  They’re fortunate to have you to “care” so much for them as you do.



Reader 1:  One of the heroes of our story is an elderly Jewish man by the name of Mattathias.  He is a priest from the tribe of Levi.  He loves HaShem and has raised his sons to love Him, too.

Mattathias has 5 sons - the chiefest of whom is our hero, Judah.  Look at that noble chin … those muscles … those rugged good looks … that determination.

Our story also includes three other Jewish men.
James is a devout Jew who spends all of his free time studying Torah. 
Saul and Emet are 2 Jewish men who are willing to compromise their faith when it suits them - and it suits them often!


Mattathias  & Judah Maccabee


Saul (Chuck), Emet (Rabbi Yossi), James (Gideon), Judah (Sam) and Mattathias (Pastor Franks)


Reader 2:  Before long, people became more concerned about pleasing their leaders than about pleasing God.  Because of persecution, it became easier just to try to blend in … and some did.

  Hey, guys!  Let’s make a covenant with these Greeks.  Ever since they’ve been here, we’ve separated ourselves from them and many evils have come upon us as a result.  Things are never gonna be the way they were, anyway.  And like I’ve always said, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

  Sounds great to me, Saul! Count me in! 

Reader 1:
 This proposal pleased them, and some of the people eagerly went to the king. He authorized them to observe the ordinances of the Gentiles.

  I’ve got an idea, Laodice!  Let’s build a gymnasium here in Jerusalem and have games according to our Greek customs.  The Jews can participate in the athletic competitions with our people.

  That such a wonderful idea.  We’ll treat them just like our friends and relatives.

  Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The noble King Antiochus and his beautiful Queen Laodice have wonderful plans!  A Greek gymnasium will be built here in Israel so that you Jews can join with us in numerous athletic competitions.  The winners of these games will be given great honor - and even treated like friends and relatives of the noble family.

  (speaking to Emet & Saul)  Like their friends and relatives?  I’ve seen how they treat their friends and relatives, and if they want to treat me like that… I think I’ll pass. 

  Sometimes you have to compromise a little, James, to keep everyone happy.

James:  Ha’Shem, Blessed be His Name, would not have us to mix with these Gentiles.  These Greeks will never accept us.

You’re wrong, James.  They’ll love us.  You’ll see.  They just don’t like that fact that we act so …  different.

ames: Different?  Just because we cover our heads when we pray?  Just because we refuse to worship pagan gods?  Different because HaShem has given us Shabbat and the Festivals?  Saul, we are different!  We’re Jews!  We’re the “chosen” people! 



Reader 1:  Antiochus went up to Israel and came to Jerusalem with a strong force. He arrogantly entered the Temple and took all the golden and silver vessels as his own property. 

Antiochus:  Man, this is great!  I was born to rule!  There is nothing I cannot do!  There is nothing I cannot have!  These fine treasures are too good for these infidel Jews anyway.  I’m sure Zeus had all these fine treasures laid up here … just for me to … “FIND”.  Kill anyone who tries to stop us … or gets in the way … or just “looks” Jewish.  These Jews are the scum of the earth and I’m getting tired of them.  I’ve heard some of them even have horns and a tail!


(Left) Narrators: Andy & Carolyn
(Right) Laodice & Antiochus with James & the Attendant


Reader 2:  Taking all the golden and silver vessels from the Temple, Antiochus departed, committing deeds of murder as he traveled…when it suited him…and that was often.

Reader 1:
  Israel mourned deeply in every community.  Rulers and elders groaned.  All the house of Israel was clothed with shame.

  I thought you said that if we acted like them and dressed like them they’d accept us, and leave us alone.

  Well, they are leaving some of us alone.

  Yeah!  The dead ones!


The good guys!


Mattathias:  I will not bow to foreign gods, my son.

Judah: How can this Syrian come here, claim to be our king, and just take over? 

Mattathias:  Because we let him, son.  But HaShem will not leave us in Antiochus’ hands. 

Reader 1:  The Torah says, “God will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel”. 

Reader 2:  Yet, Antiochus’ tyranny continued.


Judah:  I can’t believe I’ve lived to see the ruin of our people, the ruin of the holy city of Jerusalem, and to live there when it was given over to the enemies. 

Mattathias:  The temple has become like a man without honor. 

Judah:  Her babes have been killed in the streets, and her youths by the sword of our foe. 

Mattathias:  We are no longer free, but have become slaves in our own country. 

Reader 1:  So Mattathias and his sons rent their clothes, put on sackcloth, and mourned greatly.  

Attendant: (Speaking to Mattathias) You are a leader, honored and great in this city, and supported by sons and brothers. Be the first to come and do what the king commands, then you and your sons will be numbered among the friends of the king, and you and your sons will be honored with silver and gold and many gifts.  And who knows - the King might even favor you with an arranged marriage for your son, Judah, to his “lovely” step-daughter, Nysa!
Mattathias: Even if all the nations that live under the rule of the king obey him and depart from the religion of his fathers, I and my sons and brothers will live by the covenant of our fathers. We will not desert Adonai’s law and ordinances.  And as far as a marriage between Judah and that witch Nysa is concerned - that would be a curse - not a blessing! 

Nysa: Hey!  That’s a little harsh, don’t you think? 

Reader 2: When the Attendant had finished speaking, the Jew Emet came forward in the sight of all to offer sacrifice upon the altar in the way Antiochus had commanded.  

Mattathias:  What are you doing, Emet?  Have you no honor, no faithfulness to your God?   

Emet:  I’m doing as our king has commanded! 

Judah:  We have no king but Adonai!   

Reader 1: When Mattathias saw what Emet was doing, he gave way to righteous anger. He ran and killed him upon the altar. At the same time he killed Antiochus’ Attendant who was forcing them to sacrifice.  Then he tore down the altar.


Mattathias ran and killed Emet & Antiochus' Attendant

If Rabbi Yossi wasn't such a great Rabbi, he would have been great on the stage!


Antiochus: (In an angry voice) I’m mad - I’m mad - I’m mad!!!!  I’m so mad!  I’m REALLY mad now!  Who does that Judah Maccabee think he is?  I’ll show him that I’m stronger than his God!  I’ll gather all the military forces of my kingdom into one very strong army. I’ll open my treasury and gave a year's pay to all who are willing to come against Judah and his followers. This stupid rebellion of theirs will end! 

Laodice:  Yes, my dear!  And since I’m the High Priestess, I’ll go to the temple and offer prayers for their destruction!  We’ll show them!  Those dirty Jews don’t stand a chance against our troops and gods!



Reader 1: Judah was not intimidated by Antiochus’ attempts to crush their rebellion.  Every time Antiochus attempted to crush Judah and his followers, Adonai gave the Jews victory after victory. 

Judah:  Don’t fear their numbers or be afraid of them. Remember how our fathers were saved at the Red Sea, when Pharaoh pursued them.  Instead, let us cry to Heaven.  Adonai will favor us and remember his covenant with our fathers and crush this army before us today.  Then all the Gentiles will know that there is One who redeems and saves Israel.




Reader 2:  When the Syrians saw the boldness which inspired Judah and his followers, and how ready they were either to live or to die, they fled. 

Laodice: I think it’s time we leave this morbid place, my king.  What do you think? 

Antiochus:  That might be a good idea, Laodice! 

Nysa:  Well, it’s about time!  Let’s go to Pompeii!  I hear it’s lovely there at this time of the year, and we’ll not have any worries living in that peaceful city! 

Judah:  Behold, our enemies are crushed; let us go up to cleanse the sanctuary and dedicate it.  Assemble all the army and let’s go up to Mount Zion to do another type of work for the Lord. 

Antiochus, Laodice & Nysa "sca-doodle" out of town

Judah Maccabee - a "Real Bone-a-fied HERO"


Reader 2:  They saw the sanctuary desolate, the altar profaned, and the gates burned.

Reader 1:  He chose blameless priests devoted to the law, who cleansed the sanctuary and removed the defiled stones. They tore down the altar which had been profaned by the Gentiles and built a new one.  They also rebuilt the sanctuary and the interior of the temple, and consecrated the courts. They made new holy vessels. Then they burned incense on the altar and lighted the lamps on the lampstand. They placed the bread on the table and hung up the curtains. Thus they finished all the work they had undertaken.

Reader 2:  Early in the morning on the twenty-fifth day of the ninth month, which is the month of Chislev, they rose and offered sacrifice, on the new altar.

The entire Hanukkah Cast


The read the entire script for the Hanukkah play,


Thanks to Susan for videoing the play


"Hanukkah O Hanukkah"

The video of the play is on YouTube
and can be accessed through the following links


There was great food - including Latkas


The evening concluded with a game of dreidle
and a "Homemade Hanukkiah Contest"







Thanks to Paul for all the great photos from the evening


Hanukkah At Home


Several families associated with Beit Yeshua shared their Hanukkah photos from 2010.


Wane & Carolee's Hanukkiah at their home on the first night of Hanukkah ...


... and a meal that included matzah-ball soup


A Hanukkah greeting from Jim & Linda in the snowy NC mountains


Curtis lights the first candle on the first night of Hanukkah



Hanukkah Candle Blessing CLICK HERE

Shehecheyanu Blessing CLICK HERE


Carolyn lights the Hanukkah menorah for the 2nd night of Hanukkah ..

... and we feasted on home-made latkas


Curtis & Carolyn enjoy the large menorah during Hanukkah, too


There was even some snow during Hanukkah this year


Erev Shabbat & New Years Eve with Andy & Jane


A small group from Beit Yeshua gathered at Andy & Jane's home on December 31st for Erev Shabbat and New Years Eve. 


Jane lights Shabbat candles


Andy says blessings over the bread and wine


Hannah, Jeanne, Seth, Angel & Sean


Angel, Sean, Seth, Mark, Sam & Jane


Iline, Hannah, Seth, Anna, Sam, Doug & Allie enjoying Oneg


There was even some Pictionary at the end of the evening

Carolyn, Jeanne, Angel and Hannah



Shaalu Shalom Yerushalayim
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


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