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Israeli Folk Dance
Beit Yeshua
Beit Shofarot &
Highway to Zion

Beit Yeshua's

Jim & Linda

Machol Dancers"



Pastor Mike Devine

Wane Daroux

Andy Melnyk

Bill Shupp

Indira Persad

Gid Sings

Highway to Zion

Erev Shabbat
at Beit Yeshua
Home Meeting
613 Mitzvot

Highway to Zion
September 16th

Guest Speaker
Warren Marcus

Paul Wilbur

September 17th

Israel Trip Planning


















































































































Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 


Isaiah 40:1-5
“Comfort, O comfort My people,” says your God.  “Speak kindly to Jerusalem; And call out to her, that her warfare has ended, that her iniquity has been removed, that she has received of the LORD’S hand double for all her sins.”  A voice is calling, “Clear the way for the LORD in the wilderness; make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.   “Let every valley be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; and let the rough ground become a plain, and the rugged terrain a broad valley;  Then the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all flesh will see it together; for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.”


Israeli Folk Dance

Dancers from Beit Yeshua, Beit Shofarot and Highway to Zion gathered together on Saturday, July 23, 2011, for an afternoon of Israeli Folk Dance.  The class which lasted from 4:00 to 7:00 had 25 to 30 participants and another 10+ spectators.  The class was only supposed to be two hours, but everyone was having such a good time it extended to 7:00 for those who wanted to keep dancing.

A special thanks to Susan for doing our sound and Paul for taking photos from the class


Early arrivals got a little extra dance - including Patty from Highway to Zion


(Left) Other dancers begin to arrive
(Right) Rabbi Yossi - ready to dance


Beit Yeshua, Beit Shofarot and Highway To Zion frequently fellowship together
which means lots of dancing


This class gave us the opportunity to work on dances that the other groups didn't know


... including "Ani Ma Amin"


"Debka Kafrit"


and "Yasu HaChaim"
[Thanks to Reyna for teaching this dance]


Beit Yeshua & Beit Shofarot have worked on the dance "Ashreinu" separately
but this was the first opportunity we had to dance the Israeli Folk Dance together


Curtis appreciated the opportunity to share the dance "Mashav Ruach"


Beit Yeshua's 10 Year Anniversary

Friends of Beit Yeshua gathered on Friday, August 12th, 2011, as Beit Yeshua celebrated her 10-Year Anniversary in the Family Life Center of Covenant Bible Church.  Numerous guests for the evening included Pastor Mike Devine (Senior Pastor at Covenant Bible Church), Jim & Linda (Christian Friends of Israel), Bill Shupp (The River Church), Indira Persad (formerly of Vision For Israel - now Indira Persad Ministries), Steve Martin (Love For His People) and Cathy Hargett (Highway to Zion).  Musical guests for the evening included Gideon Anthony (with Jeff Long and Tim Ballard) and Wane Daroux (also with Tim on the drums).
Sounding the Shofarot - Gloria, Christi, Steven, Bill, Chuc, Gid and Doug
Curtis welcomes everyone to Beit Yeshua's 10th Anniversary Celebration
and Steve Martin opens the evening with prayer
To see and hear the greeting from Curtis and prayer by Steve


Susan & Paul light Shabbat candles and say blessings over the bread and wine
We had made arrangements in advance to talk with Jim & Linda live from Jerusalem
using Skype and the internet connection in the Family Life Center
During the live conversation from Jerusalem,
lights were dimmed to better see Jim & Linda as the image was projected on the wall
The crowd listens enthusiastically
The Machol Dancers did a repeat performance of the dance "Ashreinu"
which they had performed earlier this year at Beit Yeshua's "An Evening Honoring Israel"
To watch the YouTube video of the dance
A time of praise, worship and congregational dance
Singing and dancing to Joel Chernoff's "Baruch Adonai"
with the Israeli Folk Dance "Zemer Atik"
Curtis shared the 10-year history of Beit Yeshua
Doug shared the vision of Beit Yeshua
and introduces Covenant's Senior Pastor, Mike Devine
To see and hear the YouTube Video of Doug sharing Beit Yeshua's Vision
To see a written copy of Beit Yeshua's Vision
Pastor Mike shares briefly
To hear Pastor Mike's comments and watch the YouTube video

Wane Daroux, a Messianic Gentile Believer from the Commonwealth of Dominica,
 sang some original Messianic songs he had written
[Unfortunately where the camera was set up, we didn't get a video of Wane singing "this time"]
[But you can hear the song and see the congregational dancing]
To hear Wane's original song "The Lord Our God is One"
To give visitors a chance to know some of the folks from Beit Yeshua a little better,
Andy Melnyk was ask to share briefly
To hear and see the YouTube video of Andy
Pastor Bill Shupp from The River Church shares with the group
To hear and see the YouTube video of Bill
Our friend Indira Persad of Indira Persad Ministries has a gifted teaching & prophetic ministry
Indira was assisted by Steve and Laurie Martin

She shared with the group, anointed with oil and prophesied over leadership
Mike, Susan, Paul, Curtis, Doug, Steven, Indira and Wane
To hear and see the YouTube videos of Indira sharing
To hear and see the YouTube videos of Indira ministering to Beit Yeshua leadership

Gid Anthony, Jeff Long and Tim Ballard provided the last session of praise and worship

Steve Martin of Love For His People
(and formerly of Derek Prince Ministries and Vision For Israel) shared with the group
Cathy Hargett of Highway To Zion was the last of our special guest speakers
To hear and see the YouTube Video of Cathy
A special thanks, also, to our guest speakers for the 10th-Anniversary Celebration:
Jim & Linda in Jerusalem, Pastor Mike Devine (Covenant Bible Church), Andy Melnyk (Beit Yeshua),
Pastor Bill Shupp (The River Church), Indira Persad (Indira Persad Ministries), Steve Martin (Love For His People)
and Cathy Hargett (Highway To Zion)
Thanks to all of you who have been a part of - and supported - Beit Yeshua over the past 10 years at our various festival celebrations, assemblies, Israeli Folk Dance classes and other events.  A special thanks to those of you who continually work behind the scenes with planning, preparing, sound, photography, setup and tear-down after events.  May Adonai continue to direct each of us with His Word and lead us by the Ruach Ha'Kodesh (Holy Spirit).  B'Shem Yeshua (In the Name of Jesus)

Erev Shabbat - 613 Mitzvot

Even though Beit Yeshua enjoys the larger festival and assembly meetings in the Family Life Center at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, we've always valued the fact that we still have the smaller home-group meetings.  During the summer of 2011, we started a series where we looked closely at the 613 Mitzvot in the Torah.  Doug led and facilitated the Midrash.  These photos were taken at Chuck and Janice's home on Friday, August 26th.

Shofarot are sounded to welcome Shabbat


Janice lights Shabbat candles


Paul blesses the bread and wine



A time of prayer, praise & worship and dance


Everyone settles as the evening Midrash begins


Doug leads the Midrash discussion on the 613 Mitzvot in the Torah




There was lots of discussion about which mitzvot could still be observed
and  which ones could not



To look at the 613 Mitzvot, CLICK HERE


Highway to Zion Assembly

Beit Yeshua was pleased to join Highway to Zion on Friday, September 16th, for their September assembly at Steele Creeke Church in Charlotte, NC.  Cathy Hargett, HTZ Director, welcomed everyone for the Erev Shabbat meeting, as shofarot were sounded, Shabbat candles were lit, and blessings over the bread and wine were said. The evening also included a time of praise and worship led by Steele Creeke Church's "One New Man" Worship team under the direction of Paulette Peltier.  Israeli Folk Dance was lead by Beit Yeshua and the Machol Dancers.  Steele Creek Church's Messianic Pastor Warren Marcus was the guest speaker for the evening.  Warren is a Jewish Believer who currently works with Sid Roth of TV's "It's Supernatural".


Cathy welcomes the group as the band makes last minute preparations






After an opening prayer ...



... shofarot are sounded


Susan welcomes Shabbat by lighting Shabbat candles



Paul says the blessings over the bread and wine


Everyone comes forward to enjoy the bread and wine


Paulette leads praise & worship while the dancers dance





Steele Creek Church's Messianic Pastor Warren Marcus speaks



Warren Marcus' Message
At the end of the evening Paulette and the worship team minister in song again
Cathy closes the evening in prayer
To learn more about the ministry of Highway to Zion

Paul Wilbur Concert


Beit Shofarot, Beit Yeshua and CFA-29N were pleased to host Messianic singer and recording artist Paul Wilbur on Saturday, September 17, 2011, at Concord First Assembly.
Paul first appeared on the public scene with the group Israel's Hope in the 1980s and produced several cassette tapes during that season including "Introducing Israel's Hope" and "Arise O Lord"both in 1987.  He was eventually selected by Hosanna Integrity Music to be one of the worship leaders on their well know Praise & Worship CDs - including  "Up to Zion" in 1991,  Shalom Jerusalem" in 1995, "Holy Fire" in 1997,and "Jerusalem Arise" in 1999.  Most recent CDs include "Lion of Judah" in 2001, "The Watchman" in 2005, "Paul Wilbur Live" in 2008and "Desert Rain" in 2010.
Paul travels and ministers internationally at congregations, churches and conferences.

Beit Yeshua folks mingle as they wait for the concert to begin




Most of the Beit Yeshua Folks sat together in the same area


Shofarot are sounded as the evening begins

To Hear the Sounding of the Shofarot

Rabbi Yossi welcomes everyone and introduces Curtis Loftin of Beit Yeshua



Rabbi Yossi introduces Paul


Paul begins the concert with the song "Even So"


Dancers from Beit Yeshua and Beit Shofarot led congregational Israeli Folk Dance











Israel Trip Planning

Thirteen Beit Yeshua folks connect with Cathy Hargett of Highway To Zion and six others for an October 2011 trip to Israel.  Several have been before, but for the majority of the group this is their first trip to the "Promised Land".

Cathy (standing) shares scripture about Israel
Melissa and Joyce (and their husbands) listen attentively


A time of prayer for Israel and the Jewish people
as well as prayer for the upcoming trip


Todah Rabah (Thank you very much) to Paul, Duke and Steve for the numerous photos on the Beit Yeshua website


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