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An Evening Honoring Israel




Steve Martin
Love For His People

with CFIJ

Christian Friends
of Israel

Machol Dancers
"Battle For Zion"

Gideon Anthony

Displays &

Wane Daroux

Cathy Hargett
Highway To Zion

Ze'ev Nevo
Israel Media Ministries
























































































































Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 


An Evening Honoring Israel

Beit Yeshua joined with Highway To Zion and Love For His People on Friday, April 12, 2013, in the Family Life Center of Covenant Bible Church, for An Evening Honoring Israel.
Guests begin to arrive; the Machoh Dancers do a final practice for their dance special

Shofarot are sounded as the evening begins
Guests are welcomed by Steve Martin of Love For His People

Susan lights Shabbat Candles - Paul says blessings over the bread & wine


We were blessed for the opportunity to Skype with our dear friends Jim & Linda at
Christian Friends of Israel in Jerusalem


The Machol Dancers do a performance dance to the song "Battle For Zion" by Ted Pearce


To See the Machol Dancers on
Steve Martin's Video, Click Here

Gideon Anthony leads during a time of praise, worship & dance


Congregational dance during praise and worship



We had 12 different displays & exhibits set up for the evening - including this one,
which encouraged guests to choose a city in Israel to pray for during 2013


Cathy & Dale Hargett of Highway To Zion


The Seven Species of Israel: Barley, Wheat, Figs, Grapes, Olives, Pomegranates & Dates

The Seven Species display was our "tasting" exhibit - and definitely one of the favorites


Paul, Doug & Jonathan looking at photos from our trips to Israel - as well as other memorabilia


The Beit Yeshua display


Ze'ev Nevo of Israel Media Ministries with Janice Anthony



Dominica-born Wane Daroux of Beit Yeshua & Beit Eder had a display
with his new CD "Our God Is One" featuring his own original Messianic music


The History of Modern Israel display


We introduced Alex to Jim & Linda is Jerusalem (via Skype)
while everyone was visiting the various displays


The Holocaust display


After spending about 20 minutes visiting displays,
Wane Daroux shares some of his original Messianic music


Visit Wane's Website for more information about his CD and samples of his songs


Cathy Hargett, of Highway To Zion, introduces our guest speaker for the evening,
Ze'ev Nevo, of Israel Media Ministries



Ze'ev shares his message for the evening

To See the Message by Ze'ev Nevo, Part 1, Click Here
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To learn more about ISRAEL MEDIA MINISTRIES, check out their website


Doug shares about the opportunity to give to Ministries in Israel through Beit Yeshua


An offering is received while Myrl, Janice & Gloria dance
to "Peace of Jerusalem" by Kirk Dearman



Thanks to Duke Peeler, Paul Miles, Andi Lovelace and Steve Martin for taking the great photos



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