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Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 



Psalm 132:13-18

For Adonai has chosen Tziyon, He has wanted it as His home.  "This is my resting-place forever, I will live here because I so much want to.  I will bless it with plenty of meat, I will give its poor their fill of food.  Its cohanim (priests) I will clothe with salvation, and its faithful will shout for joy.  I will make a king sprout there from David's line and prepare a lamp for my Anointed One.  His enemies I will clothe with shame, but on Him there will be a shining crown."

Messianic Israeli Ministries Supported by Beit Yeshua


One of the goals in Beit Yeshua's vision is to bless Israel and the Jewish people, (a) Financially, (b) Spiritually through prayer and (c) Personal through one-on-one contact. One of the ways we accomplish the financial part of that goal is by financially investing into Messianic Israeli Ministries that we've become familiar with in our 18 years as a "Messianic/Jewish-Roots Ministry. Beith Yeshua has no overhead so about 99.9 % of the money that comes in, goes out to Israeli Ministries. We currently have seven ministries that we support on a monthly basis.

7 Messianic Israeli Ministries


Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Christian Friends of Israel - Jerudalem Ray & Sharon Saunders Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Christian Friends of Israel Jerusalem was founded by Ray & Sharon Sanders (non-Jewish Believers) in 1985.  Ray was ordained to the ministry through Christ For the Nations. CFIJ is a humanitarian-aid ministry, similar to Samaritan's Purse here in the US, with its international headquarters located in Jerusalem. Their US headquarters is located in Charlotte. The ministry has 11 ministry outreaches. Beit Yeshua has chosen to sponsor Project David's Shield. (1) Project David's Shield: Project David’s Shield aims to stand in solidarity with the stated mission of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). The best armies in the world are the ones that believe in what they are doing so much that they will make any sacrifice to further the cause and accomplish their mission. We have a responsibility as Christian Friends of Israel, here in Jerusalem, and from the Nations, to let the Israeli soldiers know that we love and support the IDF and to remind them who they are. We strive to remind them that they don’t fight their battles alone, and that the God of Israel is with them. We are able to tell them that they have millions of people around the world who pray for them daily! The Army of Israel is fighting on the earthly battleground. Will you stand in the gap and petition God on behalf of the Land and the people who are called by his name? The funds stipulated for Project David's Shield go specifically to meet the needs of IDF soldiers. Other areas of CFIJ ministry include: (2) Bridal Salon: Providing beautiful wedding gowns, tuxedos, evening gowns and accessories gifted by believers to bless people in Israel, (3) Communities Under Attack: Ministering to families who have been under rocket attack. These families have suffered physical injuries, depression, sleepless nights, severe anxiety and stress with children developing  symptoms of PTSD at an early age, (4) First Fruits: Ministering to local Gentile & Arab Pastors in need, (5) Forsake Them Not: Ministering to Holocaust Survivors, (6) Hope For the Future: Ministering to Ethiopian Jewish Communities, (7) Media & Development, (8) Open Gates: Assisting new immigrants, (9) Streams of Blessings: Ministering to the Elderly, (10) Under His Wings: Ministering to families who experience terrorism, and (1) Wall of Prayers: Building a spiritual wall of protection around Israel.

Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Dugit Outreach Center Avi & Chaya Mizrachi Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Avi Mizrachi is an Israeli Messianic evangelist called to minister the love and life of Yeshua to the people of Israel. Avi was born in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in a Jewish home. While visiting his sister in America, he gave his life to Yeshua. In the same year he also met and married his wife, Chaya, and the couple returned to Israel together. In 1985, God opened the door for them to study at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and after completing their studies they returned to Israel in 1987. In 1993, the Lord led them to open Dugit Outreach Centre in the heart of Tel Aviv, offering free coffee, literature and a listening ear, focusing on evangelism in the city that is called the San Francisco of Israel.  Avi also serves as the Senior Pastor of Adonai Roi (The Lord is my Shepherd) – a Messianic Jewish-Hebrew-speaking congregation in Tel Aviv.                       

Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Full Proof Gospel Ministries Jesse & Jamie Boyd Conover, NC, USA
Full Proof Gospel Ministries, aka Zerayim Colportage Board, is an international colportage ministry modeled after the historic Baptist Colportage Board and fully committed to the free distribution of the printed Word of God, to the Jewish people FIRST, and ALSO to the Gentile nations. Zerayim endeavors to, (1) Freely distribute printed copies of the Holy Scriptures, (2)  Proclaim the Gospel in the public forum, (3) Go into all nations, and (4) Mobilize Gentile churches to invest in reaching the Jewish people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah. This ministry has established a presence amongst Israeli backpackers along the Hummus Trails in both South Asia and South America and labors to get the Hebrew Scriptures (both Old & New Testaments) into the hands of as many of these as possible. Zerayim is also involved in Jewish Colportage work in the United States and Canada, distributing free copies of the Scriptures to Israelis who commonly work in shopping mall kiosks. One of the unique aspects of Jewish missions involves crossing paths with many types of Gentiles. Zerayim, therefore, is very careful not to disregard these Great Commission opportunities. Jesse Boyd is the founder and director of this ministry. Along with Jesse’s wife, Jamie, and children, Eric & Mindy Trent joined FPGM in the “field” in 2018 and have recommitted for two more years of ministry. 

Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Heart of G-d Ministries Richard & Carolyn Hyde Tiberias, ISRAEL
Heart of G-d Ministries was founded by Messianic Believers Richard and Carolyn Hyde.  Richard, a Gentile Believer, was born in Texas. He graduated from Oral Roberts University and lived in Europe and Asia for five years, planting congregations there. He then studied at the Institute of Holy Land Studies where he completed the course work for a master’s degree in Middle East Studies. After returning to the US, Richard married Carolyn Margolin– eventually making Aliyah to Israel. Currently, Richard is the director of Heart of G-d Ministries, helping to plant and build up new congregations in the Land.  Carolyn  was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home near Chicago, graduated from University of Illinois as an Registered Nurse, and practiced nursing for many years. She led worship at Beth Simcha Congregation for ten years and has served as Worship Chair for the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations in the US. In Israel, Carolyn has served as worship leader at several congregations. Carolyn has recorded several Messianic Music CDs, a smaller, yet we believe, an effective ministry in Israel.        

Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Israel Media Ministries Ze'ev & Rachel Nevo Indian Land, SC, USA
Israel Media Ministries was founded by Ze’ev Nevo in 2011.  Ze’ev is a Messianic Jewish Believer from Israel now living in SC. The goals of Israel Media Ministries are: (1) Evangelistic advertising outreaches in Israel and worldwide, (2) Producing evangelistic advertising as a ministry to churches, ministries and organizations who love Israel and the Jewish people, (3) Communicating the gospel message to Israelis in their own Hebrew language with a cultural understanding of the Israeli mind and Jewish thinking, (4) Creating a network of discipleship teams all throughout Israel and the world, (5) Exhorting and activating evangelism in the body of Messiah, (6) Fostering Biblical understanding, prayer partners and financial support for Jewish evangelism, (7) Sharing the good news with multitudes of Jewish people every year. Over a million people have heard the Gospel message in Hebrew through watching the “Hear O Israel” videos for the book of Matthew. IMM is currently in the process of doing the book of John. Ze’ev has become a friend over the years, speaking at Beit Yeshua assemblies and bringing his family to Beit Yeshua’s Passover Seder.                                                                                                

Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Makor HaTikvah Cookie Schwaeber_Issan Jerusalem, ISRAEL
As the only Messianic Day-School in Jerusalem, Makor HaTikvah offers exceptional academic education together with Biblical instruction and godly character development to students from elementary to middle school age. They desire to provide students with an excellent Hebrew education that is both academic and spiritual, with an emphasis on the shared culture, history and values of their people; to promote a love for God and His Word, to encourage a personal walk with Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, respect for others and accountability for one's actions; and to equip students for higher education, giving them the foundational skills and values necessary to live their lives as Jewish Believers in the land of their forefathers.

Name of Ministry Leaders Location
Vision For Israel Barry & Batya Segal Modi'in, ISRAEL
Vision For Israel & The Joseph Storehouse are humanitarian-aid organizations founded by Messianic Believers Barry & Batya Segal. Barry is well known as a musician, singer, international Bible speaker, journalist and the host and producer of the television series "Roots & Reflections" on God TV. Barry grew up in the USA and discovered Yeshua (Jesus) as a young musician living a colorful lifestyle in Detroit and Cleveland. Barry made aliyah, moving to Israel in 1981, where he met and married Batya, a Messianic song writer, while they both were working for Derek Prince Ministries. They have appeared on numerous Christian TV programs in the US, including The 700 Club. Barry & Batya formed and founded Vision For Israel in 1994. The nine areas of ministry for VFI are: (1) Victims of Terror, (2) Lone Soldiers - Ministering to IDF soldier who have no family in Israel, (3) Education - backpacks and coats for kids, (4) Medical Needs - including purchasing ambulances for hospitals, (5) Emergency Relief, (6) New Immigrants, (7) Welfare - for the needy, (8) Holocaust Survivors, and (9) the Millennium Center. The Millennium Center is located in Modi'in, Israel, the heart of the country, allowing them to reach the entire population faster with lifesaving aid in times of peace and war. Beit Yeshua's giving to VFI is earmarked for Lone Soldiers.

FPGM - Eric & Mindy Trent


After adding Full Proof Gospel Ministries to the list of ministries that Beit Yeshua sponsors, we were pleased to have the opportunity to see Eric & Mindy Trent again on
Friday, January 18, 2019, when Beit Yeshua met for Erev Shabbat at Chuck & Janice Anthony's home in Lincolnton, NC.




FPGM - Jesse & Jamie Boyd


After having Eric & Mindy Trent with us on Friday, January 18, 2019, we were blessed with a visit from Jesse & Jamie Boyd and their children on Friday, February 1, 2019, when Beit Yeshua met for Erev Shabbat at Chuck & Janice's home. We were also privileged to have them with us for Beit Yeshua's 17th annual Pesach Seder in the Family Life Center at Covenant Church.


VFI - Barry & Batya Segal

Beit Yeshua was pleased and honored to host Barry & Batya Segal of Vision For Israel on Friday, April 5, 2019, at the home of Chuck & Janice Anthony.

Since the event was to take place at Chuck & Janice's home, we didn't advertise - but still ended up with an attendance of about 45
We were so pleased to have some of our friends from Highway To Zion with us
Barry brought his guitar with him and he & Batya lead us into a wonderful time of praise and worship using some of the songs they had written
After praise and worship, Barry ministered and updated us on current events in Israel
This was the third time we've been blessed to host VFI, originally in 2003 and again in 2011 in the Family Life Center of Covenant Church in Lincolnton, NC. In addition to the Segals coming to Lincolnton, Beit Yeshua joined them for conferences in Fort Mill, SC, in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2018. Beit Yeshua Leadership joined VFI for a Birthday Party for Barry in 2008. In 2009, Beit Yeshua was given approximately $12,000 worth of new coats which we donated to VFI in 2010. Doug Williams, Paul Miles and Barry Finley helped to package those coats for shipping to Israel. In 2009 Vision For Israel, Highway To Zion and Beit Yeshua co-hosted a Hanukkah Celebration at the VFI store and warehouse in Pineville. Beit Yeshua Leadership, Curtis & Carolyn Loftin, as well as Doug & Lynda  Williams, took our first trip to Israel in 2005 with Vision For Israel. Barry rode on the buses and shared his brand of humor while touring. That tour coincided with the Feast of Sukkot and we were able to attend the conference that VFI was hosting in Jerusalem.
At the end of the service, we moved into a time of food and fellowship. Mike Vance (also from VFI) brought some materials for a product table and everyone was given a VFI Israeli Calendar. For some of our group, this was their first time seeing the Segals and for some it was the first time they've been able to talk to them. Even though Barry & Batya are founders of a multi-million-dollar ministry, they are still just "down home folk". We hope to have them back in the future.

Thanks to Duke Peeler for providing our photos




Beit Yeshua hosted its 17th annual Pesach Seder on Friday, April 19th, 2019, in the Family Life Center of Covenant Church in Lincolnton, NC. Attendance for the 200-seat-event increased slowly this year but we did reach maximum registration of 200. There were several severe storms in the area the night of the Seder and parts of Lincolnton were without power for the entire evening. The lights did flicker in the Family Life Center but we never lost power - even though houses just a few miles down the road did. Ultimately the storm hindered our attendance for the evening but we did have about 150 brave souls who endured the storms and long drives to join us for the first night of Passover.

Fellowship before the Seder is always so sweet

Fran Hoover chats with Mary Taylor
What a treat to have so many young adults with us
We were all pleased to meet Allie Morrison's boyfriend Preston Johnson-Roy and his uncle, aunt and cousins (Tom, Julie, Maddie & Ryan Bernard)
Preston traveled all the way from Washington state and arrived in North Carolina the day before the Seder
(Left) Sean Pittman, Sam Melnyk & Peter Melnyk chat while waiting for the Seder to begin - as do Sierra Beane, Madison Toller and Bianca Pittman
(Right) Jacob Stapivic, Vojan Karan, Olivia Schwartz, Elijah Stapivic, Nicholas Amadio, Matthew Amadio
For some of our guests like Suba Hirschler and Elizabeth Williams, Passover with Beit Yeshua has become an annual event
We were glad to have Mike Vance of Vision For Israel with us for the first time
(Left) Debbie & John Nielsen, Greg & Libby Hale, Enoch & Debbie Brannock
(Right) Christi Rhykus chatts with Eric & Mindy Trent
Shofarot are sounded as the evening begins
(Left to Right) Fran Hoover, Christi Rhykus, Gloria Cunningham-McCraw, Chuck Anthony, Doug Morrison, Alex Childers, Preston Johnson-Roy
Alex Childers welcomes guests and introduces Beit Yeshua's co-leaders, Curtis Loftin and Chuck Anthony
Chuck Anthony talks a little bit about Pesach/Passover and shares a few scriptures
(Left to Right) David Parsons --- Eric & Mindy Trent, Jamie & Jesse Boyd --- Tom & Julie Bernard
Curtis introduces Pastors and Ministry Leaders and invites Jesse Boyd of Full Proof Gospel Ministries up to the front to share
As we move into a time of praise and worship, Curtis invites everyone to come up and join in some Israeli Folk Dance
Not everyone is brave enough to give it a try, but many do - and I'm always so pleased to see the number of men who want to worship like King David did.
Many of our young people have been coming since they were children - now as adults they are even more involved
"He Shall Reign Over All the Earth"


The Seder


Everyone settles down and we move into the Seder


Janice Anthony leads the ladies in a blessing over the festival candles:
"Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam ..."

(Above - Left to Right) Jamie Boyd, Mary Melnyk, Janice Anthony, Debbie Brannock and Debbie Mapes



The first cup of wine/grape juice - At Pesach/Passover you drink four cups



Carolyn holds the water bowl for Mike Vance and Beth Seese for the hand-washing ceremony



Everyone takes a piece of parsley and dips it into the salt water

(Above) We were pleased to have Matthew & Kelly Boyd with us for Pesach - Matthew is Jesse Boyd's brother and Kelly is my daughter Beth's best friend


The parsley reminds us of the bitterness the Hebrew felt while slaves in Egypt and the salt water reminds us of the tears they shed

(Above) Curtis Loftin was pleased to have his son Philip, Philip's wife Leslie and daughter Kayli with them at Beit Yeshua for Pesach this year.
It's been a long time since Philip has been able to join Curtis and Carolyn for Pesach.


Curtis and Carolyn Loftin's youngest granddaughter, Kayli Loftin, age 6, asked the 4 Questions of Pesach - starting with
"Why is this night different than all the rest?"



The middle piece of matzah - unleavened bread - see how it is pierced and striped just like Messiah Yeshua
It is broken in half, wrapped in a white cloth and hidden away just like Messiah Yeshua

(Above Left) Fran & Chuck Hoover with their friends Mark & Gail McCann; (Above Right) Jeff Boyle and Gloria Cunningham McCraw


Horseradish - A picture says it all
Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that our horseradish was very "tame" - We WILL do better next year


The Second Cup of Pesach - the Cup of Plagues
"Blood, Frogs, Lice, Beast, Cattle Disease, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, Death of the Firstborn"


Pausing for the meal



"No, Marjorie (Townley), you did not find the afikomen. It's not gonna be covered with chocolate!"
"And, No, you can not drink out of Elijah the Prophet's Cup"



After the meal, the Seder resumes
The Afikomen is found and redeemed by Keegan Richardson


Mom Shelly watches as Keegan hands the afikomen to Curtis and receives his reward
(Left photo) Shelly Richardson - standing wearing yellow blouse


We finish with the 3rd & 4th cups of wine/grape juice - The Cups of Redemption and Praise.




Thanks to Duke Peeler for providing the photos from Pesach


Aliyah Return Center - Chayim Malespin


Highway To Zion hosted Chayim Malespin, co-Founder & Director of Aliyah Return Center, on Friday, May 24, 2019, at Raintree Country Club, 8600 Raintree Lane, Charlotte,  NC.
HTZ has been sponsoring this ministry for some time and Beit Yeshua was looking forward to the opportunity to hear Chayim speak and to learn more about this ministry.





Beit Yeshua co-leader Chuck Anthony and ladies from Highway To Zion sound shofarot at the beginning of the evening



Cathy Hargett, Founder & Director of Highway To Zion, lights Shabbat candles, then Lynn Campbell leads us in the blessings over the bread and wine/juice
Then, remembering Yeshua's words at His last Passover, we shared the bread and wine/juice - remembering Him




Blessings at the beginning of the assembly

Thanks to Steve Martin & Love For His People for the video


Cathy leads Israeli folk dance during praise and worship - Cutis, Janice and Iline joined the group of dancers




Cathy introduces the group to Chaim - who leads us in some additional praise and worship





Chayim Malespin sings "Gadol Elohai"

Chayim Malespin sings "Ho du l'Adonai ki Tov"

Thanks to Steve Martin & Love For His People for the videos of Chaim



Chaim tells us about himself, his family, making aliyah to Israel and about Aliyah Return Center


We had the privilege of praying for Chaim, Aliyah Return Center and Israel at the end of the evening



Fellowshipping with our mishpocha from Highway To Zion is always so sweet - Whether it be at a Highway To Zion assembly or Pesach at Beit Yeshua
It is always like a really sweet family reunion - and in reality, it really is



Cheri Daly & Jeff Boyle - Chaim with Steve Martin - Chaim & Lydia Holly, Cathy Hargett



A very special "Thank You" to Lydia Holly and Steve Martin for sharing their photos from the Highway To Zion assembly



Zechariah 12:2-3,10

2“Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah. 3“It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

10“I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn.


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