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We "frequently" get emails from people around the globe asking to use our Purim, Hanukkah and Shavuot plays.  I usually request photos and occasionally they'll send me a couple.  The connections to a diversified group of congregations, groups, churches, colleges and more are always enjoyable to read.  I've saved a few over the years and decided it was time to share.

Purim in IRAQ


USAF Captain stationed in Iraq


I think you have a wonderful Purim Play and thank you for making it available to the public.  Wow!  What an incredible amount of work you put into the play and to your website.  Well done!  We will use it for our Purim schpiel in Iraq!  I will send you pictures. 
Sincerely, Rabbi Sarah


Follow-up email from Rabbi Sarah


Thank you so much.  We had a blast with your play.  I have not received the better pictures yet, but for now, here is a photo of us sitting together.  Can't wait to see your newest edition.  Take care!  Now for Passover!
Rabbi Sarah


Rabbi Sarah & other USAF soldiers in IRAQ




Belleview, FLORIDA


Beth Judah, Ephraim & Companions


Dear Curtis and Carolyn,

My name is Evie and I'm from Beth Judah, Ephraim and Companions in Belleview, FL.  Thank you for making the play available. I have attached a few pictures of our Purim play. We added some things including two concubines in the back holding 'boo' and 'hiss' signs. I don't know how to send the videos seeing as how they're too big to send through email. 



Beth Judah production of "Purim - The Story of Esther"



Fernandina Beach, FLORIDA


Hebrew-Roots Group


Thanks for all the work you did to put this (Purim play) together.  We are going to try to put it on tomorrow night at (our) Bible Study party ... we'll see how it goes.  Will ask for volunteers when we get there.



Follow-up email from Anne


Dear Curtis,

Thank you so very, very much.  We had an absolutely wonderful time!!  Your generosity at sharing it (the Purim play) is over whelming.  We would have NEVER pulled it off on our own without your previous work.  KI never knew we had so many "hams" in our Hebrew Roots Study!

We had 25 at our celebration last Friday night.  Here are some pictures including table decorations ... we had Shabbat dinner first ... and then the play.

We did have a little problem with the music playing.  Do you happen to have the music on CD?  We had someone try on a disc, but it wouldn't play on a CD player, and then we tried on the computer and we couldn't get it loud enough, and then a MAC person tried it.

Blessings and many thanks from all,
Ann (Fernandina Beach, FL - Amelia Island)


Hebrew-Roots Group in Fernandina Beach, FLORIDA, celebrate Purim
with a Shabbat Dinner and with their own production of "Purim - The Story of Esther"




Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA


Hi my name is Laura .  I am a senior theatre major at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA and I would like to use your play for my project that I will be adapting and directing to help young children understand and be educated about the importance of Purim. I am just beginning my project and the production will be in mid April of 2010. I will keep in touch with you about the progress of the play and I will send you pictures of the final result.   Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

Laura G.


Laura & the Cedar Crest College production of "Purim - The Story of Esther"


Houston, TEXAS

A home-group meeting

Dear Curtis and Carolyn,

We are using your Purim Play for a gathering we are having in our home tonight.  Thank you for the release to use it and for the links to the songs. We think it will be a hilarious event and are quickly gathering all the props from around the house (including a few of our own additions!). We printed the front page with all your credits and info as the cover of the playbook.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into creating this play and for making it available on the internet!

With blessings during this season,

Dan and Jana
Houston, Texas



Follow-up email


We had a great time with your play!  Originally we were going to write one for the children to act out, but when we found yours, we just had to "force" the adults. You can tell just how much they loved it.  I was the narrator and my wife was the costume director. We gave all types of noise makers to the kids and I had all of the music on a CD that we played over and over."

Click Here For More Photos From
Purim in
Houston, TX




Non-Denominational Church


Curtis & Carolyn

I just wanted to express to you my special thanks , as well as many thanks from members of our non-denominational church in Camarillo, CA, for the wonderful play and accompanying music which you developed to add fun and humor to the script: Purim, the Story of Esther. Our Christ-centered church has a real heart for Israel , we pray for Israel every Sunday, and we celebrate the Jewish feasts. The Holy Spirit truly inspired your script and the words in your song choices. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it at our Wednesday service a few weeks ago. I did the narration, but most of the other roles were done by kids in our Youth Group. We managed to put together some really neat costumes, and play your sound track over the PA system while we sang the various familiar songs, with entertaining new lyrics. You deserve high praise for being obedient to God and making this script available to the public, because the message of Purim is still so relevant to everyone alive today: "If God be for you, who can be against you", and "with God all things are possible" and "whatever your enemy means for evil, God uses for good" (Rom 8:28) and "God is faithful to his covenant with Israel" (Jer 29:11) .

Several of the kids have told me a number of  times that they really want to do the play again in the future, because they had so much fun in the rehearsals as well as during the live performance. It really helped build some fond memories and develop some healthy friendships amongst our youth.

God Bless the Work of Your hands and Grant You Grace in Everything you do in His Service,





Reformed Jewish Assembly



We are the Reformed Assembly in the Antelope Valley (Lancaster, CA near where the Space Shuttle lands when Florida is too rainy).

I saw your play on line, of course, when I Googled "Purim Plays".  Rabbi loved it so we will do it.


Follow-up email 1

Shalom Curtis,

How ironic that at the Festival of Purim, which deals partly with secrets revealed, that I discover that you are a Messianic Congregation (the name gave it away, then I looked up your picture site from 2006 - 2007 to confirm it). But I have a secret too. When I contacted you I ID'd (identified) myself as representing a Reformed Congregation, which is true, BUT, I am not Jewish.  I and my wife are their "b'nei Noach" members under the banner of Friends of BKB!   Its a long story woven patiently by The Eternal over the last 5+ years. I have directed 5 of the last 6 Purim spiels, because I had some friends at temple from our local acting community, I was asked to help.  My wife began attending an outreach class, and it all began to fall into place. Sort of Daniel in reverse, the goyim getting the favor from the b'nei Israel!!  We regularly attend, are part of High Holy Days choir (by invitation), I even substitute in the Saturday AM Shiur on occasion for Rabbi when he is ill or on vacation, and my wife was just asked to be treasurer of Sisterhood. Baruch HaShem for His Grace. The only things we cannot do (yet) is do aliah for Torah reading or help hold up or re-dress the scrolls ... we have however opened the ark several times. It is truly unique, and humbling. We have been using the Torah Club (formerly in Colorado, but now in Missouri) materials for Parashot studies, etc. for 6 years, which has given us a knowledge base for the heart of the Jewish people, which augments my BA in Biblical Studies. Because of His leading, we are considered to be very wise and scholarly in their eyes. At times it is like what Paul wrote about "provoking to jealousy" as far as our biblical knowledge, and we get teased about "being more Jewish" than they are :).

The play was a huge success.  Our 101 year old congregant, said it was great, that he was so happy we are there, another founding member (and holocaust survivor) hugged me and said "never, never leave us". Thanks for the great play, and opportunity to serve our Messiah in this unique way. God willing, if we ever go to NC, we will look you up.


Follow-up email 2


Shalom Curtis,

I'm sorry the person who was going to send you photos has not ... I'll try to get that done.

We had a very interesting Shiur this AM where the Rabbi was explaining the special Haftorahs for this year (Shekalim, Zachor, Parah, and today's Hachodesh). As we turned to Exodus 12, Rabbi began reading, then he goes into this whole explanation on how Christians see Jesus as the lamb, and how his blood was the atonement ...the Passover ...AND  ...that Jesus is also seen as the replacement for the very rare Red Heifer which is the only one who can effectively cleanse one from corpse contamination ... Baruch HaShem!!!  Who need to "witness" when the Rabbi does it all for us??

Amazed in His Grace


Rancho Cucamonga, CALIFORNIA

Messianic Congregation Puppet Play

Shalom Curtis and Carolyn,

            My name is Logan B. and I want to thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your creation with us. I am a member of a Messianic Congregation in Rancho Cucamonga, California. I was asked to do a Puppet performance for the congregation on Purim as I had last year. The previous year I had simply told the story of Purim with one puppet. This year I looked for a Purim play and found yours. The songs were so clever and delightful that I knew they would be perfect. I had to adapt a script for use of puppets as they are not at all easy to hold up for long periods. I used many of your songs and my wife and a son and daughter joined with doing a cast of puppets. We got a standing ovation and many compliments. We did acknowledge you in credits.

            You are so creative and your Purim plays at your congregation sound like so much fun. Thank you again for sharing and if you would like to see the script I used I can send it to you.

Logan B.


Davenport, IOWA

Home-Group Meeting


My name is Linda H.  We have a small group who supports Israel and wants to do a Purim play.  I have copied the first play for us to use this year.  Some of the people would like to also look at your Star Wars play. 

We would really love to have a Messianic congregation near us but the closest is in Peoria, Illinois. 

I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. 

Thank you for sharing your talent,
Linda H.
Davenport, Iowa




Jewish Community Sunday School Class


Hi Curtis and Carolyn -

I am one of the Sunday School teachers for the Jewish Community of Kauai. We are a small community, and are really pleased that this year we have reached our highest Sunday School enrollment ever, at 14 kids. The ages vary, and we've been looking for a Purim play that would be fun to do at the community Purim party. I think you've written it! I especially love that we can get the attendees to sing along on the songs, so everyone participates.

I would like your ok, though, to shorten it in parts so the kids can perform it well. (By profession I'm a book/magazine editor, so it wouldn't be a hatchet job.) Would that be all right with you? I could send you a copy of what we end up using.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and Aloha,



Hawaiian Church

Greetings Curtis and Carolyn,

I am at the ends of the earth in beautiful Maui Hawaii and my name is Janis W. Our church is very interested in doing your play however I am having a real hard time finding the music. HELP!!!!! As usual it's the last minute and I was just handed this project yesterday. Any help will be appreciated.

Baruch HaShem,
Janis W.



Jewish Temple

I found your site and your Purim play when we had announced to our congregation that we would be having a play.  Actually, it was in desperation that I was searching since the play we had been intending on using was deemed to be "too adult". 

So, it was either write one in less than two weeks or search the net and hope for the best - and as it turns out - and and your wife are the best.  Thanks for writing this.  Since this is the first play that has been done in our synagogue over 30 years we were hoping for something fun and easy to learn.  The script and the music fit the bill.

In most Purim plays which I have seen the actors act and sing and the congregation listens.  We plan to print the songs and ask them to sing with us.  My personal favorite is - "If you hear the name of Haman".  It is so much fun to sing and even with my voice it sounds good.

We will give your name as the source and I expect that your play will be a rousing success.  Thanks again for allowing us to use it.  You have saved me a bit of embarrassment at having no play to give.

Bob F.
President, Temple B.E - Brockton, Ma

Follow-up email


Pictures have not been posted yet - still waiting for them.  As far as the play, it was a great success.  First one in years.  Your Shpiel made it much better.


Hustisford, WISCONSIN


Lutheran Church


Curtis & Carolyn,

Thank you for having such a funny and musical Purim play available on line.  We will be doing it during worship on Sunday in place of scripture readings from the book of Esther.  I give you credit in the bulletin.  I will send you a picture next week.

Thank you,
Pastor Sheila


Follow-up email



We are a Lutheran Church in Hustisford, WI, a small town in rural Wisconsin between Madison & Milwaukee.  

The play was a hit!  The actors and actresses had a great time and the congregation laughed a lot.  Many people said they finally  understood the story of Esther because the play brought it to life for them.

Unfortunately on my way home from church this morning it hit me that I had never gotten a picture.  I am sorry.  I was looking forward to sending it to you and having it put in the local paper (gotta love small towns).

Pastor Sheila