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Esther & The Wonderful
Kingdom of AZ


 Original Story & Song Lyrics by

Curtis & Carolyn


Our story has no witches or wizards,
but does indeed have a very evil man by the name of Haman.




Esther is introduced and costumed


Mordechai is introduced and costumed



Auntie Em is introduced and costumed


King AZ is introduced and costumed


Queen Vashti is introduced and costumed




Haman and Zeresh are introduced and costumed



Pete the Munchkin is introduced and costumed


King Az is furious when Queen Vashti refuses to come to his party


Scarecrow is introduced and costumed


Dorothy-Esther meets the Scarcrow on the way to AZ

Off they go, together, following the yellow brick road


Tin-Man is introduced and costumed


The Cowardly Lion is introduced and costumed




Dorothy-Esther meets King Az, the man behind the "curtain"


King AZ chooses Dorothy-Esther as his new Queen


Haman brings gifts of gold and silver for Zeresh and is pleased with
his advancement in the Kingdom of AZ


As King Az and Haman dine with Dorothy-Esther, he realizes he's in BIG trouble


NARRATOR:  Esther 9:28  These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province, and in every city.  And these days of Purim should never cease to be celebrated by the Jews, nor should the memory of them die out among their descendants.


Purim Play Notes


Our congregation started small and has grown over the years.  We've had as few as 30 and as many as 100 in attendance at the Purim Spiels (Yiddish for comedic play).  Since the group started small, parts were not memorized beforehand, but instead were assigned on the evening of the play.   As the Narrator reads his/her part, the unsuspecting cast is brought up and costumed before the group.  Everyone is always willing to take a part and it's always interesting to see who will be portraying the character each year - as well as their responces.  Props and costumes are added to the characters by the Director during the play, which adds a lot of humor to the story.


Purim Play Costumes

Much of the humor in the play comes when the Director adds the props
to the characters during the course of the play.

Costumes can be purchased for any of the Wizard Of Oz Characters on the Internet;
I used a combination of purchased and homemade costumes.

Esther (Dorothy Character):

Cheap shoes from Wal-Mart spray painted red, hair in pig-tails with blue ribbons, blue & white gingham dress if possible (I found my "Dorothy" costume at Wal-Mart during Halloween and stored it back), a stuffed animal for Toto (doesn't even have to be the same type of dog).

King AZ (Wizard of Oz Replacement Character):
"Ring-Pop" ring, scepter (mine is made from a large pencil), Crown from Party City, Green Vest (since he lives in the Emerald City and is a replacement character for Oz's Wizard)

Queen Vashti (Glenda Replacement Character):
Pink long shirt/gown made from pink fabric acquired from the $1.50yd fabric table at WalMart, crown, sunglasses, men's pants ("You can tell who wears the pants in the family")

Mordechai (Uncle Henry Character):
Kippah, Talit, Overalls, Gold Crown (made from poster board & spray paint or acquired from Party City)

Haman (Wicked Witch Replacement Character):
3-sided Pirate hat from Party City, glasses with big nose & mustache

Zeresh (No "Oz" Character:
Black burqa/hijab made from WalMart fabric department

Pete (Munchkin Character):
Munchkin scalp & hair piece ordered from the internet, Green Vest

Aunt Em:
Apron, Wire-framed spectacles


Homemade hat or bought straw hat, checked shirt, raffia used as straw around the bottom of hat and cuffs of the shirt.

Costume or Lt.Grey Shirt from WalMart's Men's Department, funnel from Automotive Dept at WalMart sprayed silver, toy Ax, (it Would also be fun to wrap him in aluminum foil)

Cowardly Lion:
I did decide to purchase a costume for this one.  Many years ago (I'm a retired school teacher), we were reading "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" by C. S. Lewis and doing a slide presentation of the story using students as characters.  I actually made a pretty good lion's mane from yarn to use for the lion Aslan character.  It just depends on budget and time.
Costumes that can be found on the Internet or at Party City - or even homemade

Purim Play Props

  1. Horse
Haman leads Mordechai through the streets on a horse.  I used a saw-horse with a hobby-horse head taped to the front, a yarn tail stapled on the back, and a folded blanket as a saddle.

Horse was also used in the 2009 Purim Wars (Star Wars) Parody

  2. Hangman's noose


  3. Three Signs: "Girls Wanted - Come to AZ", "Kill the Jews", "Defend Yourselves"


  4. Hand mirror for Zeresh


  5. Toto: Stuffed animal

  6. Small Torah Scroll for Mordechai
  7. Basket for Dorothy to carry
  8. Scepters for AV & Vashti
  9. Blue Bows for Esther's pigtails
10. Oil can for Scarecrow  (Check the automotive section at WalMart)
11. Crown for Vashti - make from poster board and sprayed gold, or pink
12. Diploma for Scarecrow
13. Heart for Tinman
14. Medal of Honor for Cowardly Lion

Lion's Courage Medal and Tin-Man's Heart from Internet