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Purim Wars

Purim Wars is a Purim science-fiction parody with character names that just might sound a little familiar - so will the many "catch phrases" from your favorite TV Shows and Movies.
Cast of Characters:
Narrator:  Keeps the story going
Lei-Esther:  A Jewish girl who must try to save her people
Morde'Chai Kenobi: Lei-Esther's Cousin & Guardian
King James T. Kirk'shuerus: Gentile King of Shushan
Queen Vashti: The de-throned Queen
Darth Haman: The evil villain in our story
Zeresh:  Darth Haman's wife
Yoda: The King's Advisor
C3PO: One of the King's Android Police Officers


King James T. Kirk'shuerus is introduced - holding his scepter

(King Pulls out his laser weapon to show it off)


(Below) Curtis gets a little help from Janice in order to get Queen Vashti's ears on.
Susan was a "good sport" about all she had to endure. 




(Below) Brad had the "not so desirable" role of Darth-Haman



(Below) Melba's character, Zeresh, had Ferengi ears and fuzzy antenna



(Below) 13-year-old Sam was asked to play the part of Yoda.  He was given a copy of the script before the play and asked to work on Yoda's vocal expression.  Sam did a WONDERFUL job.  All those years of community theater experience showed off his tremendous talent.



(Below) Jeremy takes the role of the noble C3PO - the King's faithful assistant



(Below) King James T. Kirk'shuerus sends for Queen Vashti to come to a party he had given ...


(Below) C3PO, King Kirk'Shuerus & Yoda follow Curtis' lead in a little dance
to accompany the song "Breaking Up's Not Hard to Do"


(Below) King Kirk'Shuerus places the crown on Lei-Esther's head


(Below) King Kirk'Shuerus elevates Darth-Haman above all the other nobles and princes


(Below) So Darth-Haman robes Morde'Chai and leads him thorough the city on horseback



(Below) Curtis offers a little help - but that's one stubborn horse!


(Below) Darth-Haman falls on his knees pleading for his life


Queen Lei-Esther pleads for her people, the Jews


NARRATOR:  Esther 9:28  These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province, and in every city.  And these days of Purim should never cease to be celebrated by the Jews, nor should the memory of them die out among their descendants.





Purim Play Notes


Our congregation is fairly small.  We usually have less than 100 who attend the annual Purim Play.  Since the group is small, parts are not memorized beforehand, but instead are assigned on the evening of the play as the Narrator reads his/her part.  Everyone is always willing to take a part and it's always interesting to see who will be portraying the character each year.  Props and costumes are added to the characters by the Director during the play, which adds a lot of humor to the story.


Purim Wars Costumes & Props

Much of the humor in the play comes when the Director adds the props to the characters during the course of the play.

"Lost In Space" costume from PARTY CITY (or dressed all in white as in photo below); The head-piece was made from ear-muffs that were wrapped in yarn.

King James T. Kirk'shuerus: Star Trek shirt can be ordered from Internet (or Long sleeve gold colored shirt with STAR TREK props added) , Scepter is a STAR WARS Light-Saber

Queen Vashti: Vulcan/Elf ears odered from the Internet (will slip over your ears)
Crown, sunglasses, men's pants ("You can tell who wears the pants in the family")

Morde'Chai Kenobi: Kippah, Talit, Tan colored Robe, Gold Crown from PARTY CITY

Darth- Haman: Darth-Vader Mask from PARTY CITY, Black Cape, Hobby-Horse
          (used to lead Morde'Chai through the streets); dressed all in black

Zeresh: Head Band with Alien antennas (or funny-looking ladies hat & scarf)

Yoda: Yoda make ordered from the Internet (or Paper Mask printed from Internet)

C3PO: C3PO Mask ordered from the Internet (or Paper Mask printed from Internet)

Dispatches: "Send Beautiful Girls", "Kill the Jews", "Defend Yourselves", "Hangin' Today, 12:00 Noon"
If finding props seems to be a problem, try these printable STAR WARS masks
Printable STAR WARS paper masks:  http://www.starwars.com/kids/activity/crafts/f20051026/

Extra Photos