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Esther-Ann, Here on Shushan Isle



NARRATOR:  It’s sometimes called the Feast of Lots … often called the Feast of Esther … but is usually called the Feast of Purim.    Esther  9:28  These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province, and in every city.  And these days of Purim should never cease to be celebrated by the Jews, nor should the memory of them die out among their descendants.



Professor Ahashuerus, Gilligan, Haman Howell III & Zeresh Howell,
Vashti Grant, Esther-Ann Mordechai and Skipper Mordechai


Skipper Mordechai and Gilligan


Skipper Mordechai, Esther-Ann and Gilligan



Professor Ahashuerus


Vashti Grant looking out from the S.S. Minnow



Professor Ahashuerus, Haman Howell III and Zeresh Howell



Haman Howell III and Zeresh discuss the bottle with the SOS with Skipper Mordechai



 Haman's  PILL BOX


[Pill box is made from an old shoe box that has been spray painted black.  A plactic handle has been added.  On the inside, a divider has been added to display two rows of bottles.  Old medicine and vitamin bottles were used.  Play money came from Party City.]



Zeresh and Haman Howell III



Zeresh & Haman Howell III



Skipper Mordechai, Haman, Professor, Zeresh, Vashti, Esther-Ann, Gilligan
decide to elect a leader on the island


Vashti's Sea-Shell Compact

[Shell compact made from shell - blue, red and black colors printed on printer and cut out]



Gilligan tells Vashti Grant that Professor Ahashuerus wants her to come to his party



Professor Ahashuerus looks for a replacement for Vashti and chooses Esther-Ann



Vashti Grant is exiled to Exile Island



Two headhunters attempt to capture Professor Ahashuerus


Headhunters stir their pot on Exile Island



Esther-Ann in the ladies hut
Haman Howell II & Zeresh with Professor Ahashuerus at the beach umbrella



Haman interacts with the kids in the audience



Haman hands Gilligan the proclamation to "Kill the Jews"


Esther-Ann, Skipper Mordechai and Gilligan




Esther-Ann goes before Professor Ahashuerus



Professor Ahashuerus reads fromt he Book of the Chronicles



Professor Ahashuerus decides to honor Mordechai - instead of Haman



Haman Howell III rows Skipper Mordechai around the island



Haman pleads for mercy



Esther-Ann, Professor Ahashuerus, Haman, Gilligan, Skipper and Zeresh Howell



Professor Ahashuerus



This was not the ending that Haman had planned!





Skipper Mordechai is elevated in leadership


Skipper Mordechai, Esther-Ann and Gilligan


"Shushan Isle" Characters:

Esther-Ann Mordechai
Skipper Benjamin Mordechai
Gilbert Gilman Gilligan-ski
Professor Ahashuerus
Vashti Grant
Haman Howell III
Zeresh "Lovie" Howell
Head Hunter 1
Head Hunter 2


Shushan Isle Costuming

Many of the costumes for this particular play were acquired at the local Good-Will store - but can be provided by actors with pre-planning.

Blue Jeans (rolled up), white sneakers, short-sleeved shirt (tied in front), pig-tails, fancy dress for when she becomes Queen

Skipper Benjamin Mordechai:
Skipper Hat, Khaki pants, Blue polo shirt or T-Shirt [We got the Skipper Hat on the Internet]

Gilbert Gilman Gilligan-ski:
Blue Jeans, Red long-sleeved Polo shirt (with white collar if possible) [We used a long sleeved red T-shirt], Gilligan hat (Bucket hat) [We got the Bucket Hat on the Internet]

Professor Ahashuerus:
Khaki pants, long-sleeve light-blue shirt with sleeves rolled up.

Vashti Grant:
  Ball Gown, High Heels, Sunglasses, Long white gloves, Red Wig [We used a long white skirt we found at a thrift store and a white short-sleeved blouse; we got the white gloves and red wig from PARTY CITY]

Haman Howell III:
  Straw Fedora Hat (from Wal-Mart), Hawaiian Shirt (or coat and shirt), Ascot

Zeresh Howell:
  Nice dress or quit, Hat, short gloves, umbrella, necklace

Grass skirt [From PARTY CITY] over khaki shorts, barefooted, Adult Muscle Shirt [$20 from PARTY CITY - or make your own with a T-shirt and some paints], Bone Necklace, Face paint, spear, Headhunter hat from artificial greenery and feathers [made on top of a cheap hat from DOLLAR TREE]

(Cast) Esther-Ann, Skipper Mordechai, Gilligan

(Cast) Professor Ahashuerus, Vashti Grant, Haman Howell III, Zeresh Howell

Stage Layout Scenes & Props

(6 Scenes - Original Plan - Final Set Preparation)
Mordechai & Gilligan's Hut
Lawn Chairs
Small table
Boat Wheel
[Folding-Wooden Chairs were donated for use - as well as lawn furniture]
Palace - Professor's Beach Umbrella
Beach Umbrella & stand
Small table
2 Wicker Chairs
[Raffia umbrella came from Wal-Mart]
Wicker chairs and small table were donated for use]
Vashti/Esther's Room - Ladie's Hut
Metal Patio Furniture (Wicker if possible)
Trunk or Chest
[Many folks donated luggage for us to use]
[Bamboo wallpaper came from Party City]
[Wicker and small table were donated for use]


Howell's Hut 

Wicker love-seat
Small table
Trunk or chest
Life preserver



[Wooden folding-chairs and a folding-wooden TV-Dinner Table were used]



Beach Scene 

Beach Scene order from STUMPS on the Internet
Cardboard "USS MINNOW" or Small boat
Artificial trees and plants
Blue tarp to extend the ocean from photo onto floor



[Beach scene was ordered off of the internet from STUMPS]
[SS Minnow was drawn and painted on cardboard - then cut out]



Table Scene 

Rectangular Table
Grass skirt around sides (from PARTY CITY)
7 folding chairs



[Raffia table-skirt was acquired from Party City]
[Tiki lights came from Wal-Mart]


Purim Play Notes


Our congregation started fairly small.  Since the group was small, parts were not memorized beforehand, but instead wereassigned on the evening of the play as the Narrator reads his/her part.  Everyone is always willing to take a part and it's always interesting to see who will be portraying the character each year.  We now have about 100 in attendance for Purim, but we've chosen to still keep the parts spontaneous and impromptu.  With this particular play, parts were assigned confidentially before the night of the play, but actors still didn't see the play until the evening of the Purim Celebration.  Actors were costumed just before the play began in order to save time.