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23 October 2011
Day 12





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DAY 12
23 October 2011

New York to
Charlotte, NC


























































































































Charlotte, North Carolina USA



Isaiah 62
I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:
ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,
And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.


Psalm 122:6  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you. 


Day 12

We arrive back in the US - but we have a long way to travel before we're all back home.

New York to Charlotte, NC

We arrived at JFK Airport in New York about 6:10 am on 23 October 2011.  The flight attendant on the plane told us if we had a connecting flight in two hours or less to ask a Delta Representative for a "quick link".  We had to show our passports, collect our bags and clear customs before we could go on.  We had also had to re-check our bags for the flight from New York to Charlotte.  We finally got to the departing gate for Charlotte with just a little time to spare.  Our flight (#6134) from JFK Airport in New York to Charlotte was at 8:03 am.

Aerial view of the city as we fly into New York

The Delta airplane from New York to Charlotte was the smallest I had ever flown on - with just three seats to a row (one seat, an aisle, two seats) - but the flight was very smooth.  We chatted with one another as we flew the final leg of this trip - everyone talking about how wonderful the trip was.

Charlotte, NC - Airport

Our flight arrived in Charlotte around 10:30 am.



A weary group of travelers arrive at the Charlotte Douglas Airport


Bags are collected, good-bye's are shared and everyone heads home



We stopped at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Denver on the way home from Charlotte for an early lunch.  We also picked up a bucket of chicken for the next couple of days.  We got home around noon time.

A "Welcome Home" greeting awaited us on my computer courtesy of my son, Philip


Liran & Shiri sent gifts for a granddaughters from Israel - perfume for Ali ...


... and makeup for Savanna


Our daughter, Beth, and son-in-law, Brad - Savanna & Ali's parents


Our son, Philip, and daughter-in-law, Leslie



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